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Like Ironman® Lake Placid, Team Endurance Nation is making a huge showing at Ironman® Wisconsin 2013! Set in the rolling hills of college town Madison, Wisconsin, you won’t see many cheeseheads wandering the streets. Instead, you’ll swim a loop on Lake Monona, and bike and run through rural and urban settings to the finish line. The forecast calls for a slight break in the heat, but it will still be pretty warm and sunny. Let’s cheer on these TeamEN members racing Ironman® Wisconsin 2013!


Chad Furlong - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationChad Furlong

I live in Coralville, IA and work in the technology field for the University of Iowa. I’ve been doing triathlon since 1999 with a hiatus of a few years during the last half of 2000s. Most of my experience is at the Oly distance with 3 HIMs under my belt and my first go at IM-distance.

Goals for IMWI:
1. Finish and take-in the day!
2. Finish with respectable run
3. Finish with respectable run and be with it enough to enjoy a beer with my family and friends after the race.
4. Go Sub 9 hours (kidding!)

Ruth Subach - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationRuth Ann Subach

I did my first triathlon in 2011 and was hooked. I’m on a path to wellness, having lost nearly 60 pounds, with more to go… triathlon training keeps me happy, sane, and on track to continue my health improvement efforts. I volunteered at Wisconsin last year, attended the EN 4 keys talk, signed up for this year, and here I am. My goal is to finish. Should that not occur, I’ll be satisfied with the fact I followed through on my training this year and got to the start line. I view my journey as a long one, and this year is part of that bigger plan. Hoping to learn a lot about myself so I can continue to train and improve in the next years!

Craig Schacherer

From Dallas, TX

Started triathlon in 2005 as my turning 40 mid-life crisis thing

Previous IMs: Arizona 4/2008(12:08). CDA 2009(11:56), Texas 2011(11:21)

IMWisc Goals: Break 11 hours

Joe Galli - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationJoe Galli

I joined EN last October and the entire season has been a great ride so far. Since getting into the sport about 7 years ago, I’ve never had any formal training plan until now and it has certainly been paying off. This will be my 3rd Ironman® Wisconsin and I’m looking forward to leaving everything on the course this year!
I’m lucky to have a great support group joining me in Madison…my wife, Cam, our 2 daughters, and my mom will be spectating along with many of my brother firefighters from Elgin, IL. It will be an epic day!

Carl (HoneyBadger) Noftsger

Reside in a suburb known as Altoona, IA. I have been competing in triathlons for 14 years but long course for only 3 years now. Out of all the distances long course is by far my favorite.

I work as a career firefighter so work 24 hours and off for 48 hours which is nice for training purposes. I am bringing with me to Madison the person that pushes me the hardest-my wife, Alison Noftsger.

My goal for this race is to execute to the best of my knowledge and finish the race with a smile on my face. In all honesty I would like to beat my time by one minute :)!!!!

Chris Hardbeck - Ironman® Wiscsonsin - Team Endurance NationChris Hardbeck

Coming from Suwanee, GA. That’s just NE of Atlanta, close to Lake Lanier. Great training around here and a very competitive tri world. Been in the sport about 10 years, all distances. This is my 5th long course event, probably my last one for a while, due to kids & college stuff. So, I want to make this one count. Super supportive family led by my wife, Sheri, who’s an expert at this stuff by now. Race Day Goals: Swim- 1:30, Bike- to slow it down to 5:45-6:00, Run- to run the mary with the least amount of slow down that I’ve ever pulled off, 4:25. Overall- shooting for under 12. Good luck to everyone and thanks to everybody for all the help over the journey.

Joe Bogdan - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationJoe Bogdan

I a college professor and a lawyer who hails from Chicago, but who has spent most of his 7 seasons in triathlon (so far) on the East Coast. Living back in Chicago now (and loving it). I’ve done numerous sprints and Olympics, 7 or 8 half IMs and 1 prior IM (Placid, 2010). Goal? Finishing is winning; winning is finishing. I’m not uber competitive, so just happy to be out there staying safe and having a fun (if challenging) day. My previous IM time (13:51:53) shouldn’t be hard to beat, and my training suggests that I’m on track to do that as long as it’s not too hot/sunny. I would say “under 13” is my goal, but “under 12.5” would be great!

Jason Mason - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationJason Mason

Hello, my name is Jason Mason from Des Moines, IA. I am a referral from Carl Noftsger last year when I started training for this race. I have always run and never been into anything more than casual cycling like RAGBRAI, bar runs etc. I was training for a 100 mile race last year and ended up with a stress fracture in my shin. I was to stop running for a few months and in turn took up cycling. I really enjoyed cycling and when my running timeout got over I kept cycling and loved the variety of workouts. Des Moines has an amazing trail system as well and I explored some placed on bike I had never been on foot. So about a week before Wisconsin signup last year, I had been talking to Carl and he kept telling me I should sign up, and that an IM would be a good addition to the 100 miler I was already signed up for this summer. So I signed up last year and hopefully I will be ready in a couple weeks. I have only done 1 tri ever and it was an Oly distance race. Swimming is my toughest part as I really just started learning how to do it correctly in the past 5 months. After my 100 miler I needed to take about a month off and heal so my training was lacking and I am now a bit slower after not running for a month. I’m not totally sure where my future is headed with triathlons, as I’ve had fun but not as much fun as I have in the Ultra running community. Although now that I own a tri bike I do have to get some use out of it so I might hit up a few next year. My race day goal is to survive and land somewhere around 13 hrs. But just finishing would be great as well, so anything I can get would be great!

Ian Kurth - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationIan Kurth

I live in Wausau, WI. I have a terrific, supportive wife Jen, and 4 great kids (Allison 7, Sophia 6, Caroline 4, and Andrew 2).

This is my 2nd full season in the sport after briefly entering the realm to complete my first and only triathlon: IM Florida in 2000. It took about decade to forget that folly. I decided last year that I had some unfinished business with the IM distance, but reasoned that I should take a more measured approach to the events. Since my re-emergence, I have completed several 70.3’s and Wisconsin last year. This is my first season with EN, and it has been a great resource to leverage limited time. Looking to cross the finish line with a smile!

Robert Hensley

I’m from Minneapolis and I’ve been participating in triathlons for over 10 years. I don’t use the word “competing” in triathlons because this has become a life sport for me and I don’t really try and race anyone. My goals for Wisconsin are (1) long term fitness and getting my race weight to 195 (done!!!); (2) stay healthy and minimize injury (done!!!); (3) enjoy the training and the race (pretty much done!); and (4) I want to finish the long distance, but if my bike breaks down, etc., goals 1-3 are my primary objectives. I plan to have fun during the race and I’d like to finish in less than 14 hours. That’s it!

Scott Carty - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationScott Carty

I am married with 3 beautiful kids and one exhausted wife. I am a wealth coach. Been in the sport for around 5 years. I would love to finish. I have goals but I think it might be bad mojo to write them down. Thanks for all you guys do!





Dan Jacquemin

Dan Jacquemin. I’ve been doing triathlon since 2003. Ironman® Wisconsin will be my first go at this course and my 5th Ironman® overall. My only goal for IM-Moo is a strong run. IM-StG happened during a rough patch in my life and I didn’t do as well as I would like.

This. Race. Will. Be. Better.

As long as my legs keep moving in run/job/organized shamble over that last 26.2 miles I will consider this race a total success. 🙂

I’m currently located in Newtown, Pennsylvania. When not spending my time swimming, biking or running, I am a Senior Front End Developer for a large education firm.

Gene Pish - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationGene Pish

From Bloomington, IL and have been doing triathlon for 5 years now. Started out not knowing how to even swim. Did my first half-Ironman® without EN, and executed poorly. Completed Wisconsin in 2011 under the coaching and R&P, and had a great time. Looking forward to returning to Wisconsin for 2013 and having a great time executing my plan again!




Joe Motz - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationJoe Motz

Hi fellow ENers Joe Motz here from Cincinnati Ohio. I’ve enjoyed running and biking for many years (never did get the knack of swimming). With, I thought, maybe one too many marathons under my belt, because the arthritis doc. told me after my last- “you’lll never run again- I was in for hip replacement. . Got that done Jan. 2010 and have been slowly building back since by doing short Tri’s. Having fun, albeit at a different pace vs. days of old, just ever so happy to be out there. Like all of us I guess, the lore of the full won me over. IMoo will be my first. My goal is to ace EN execution and finish on my feet with a big smile.

Greg Fay

I am from Kansas City, have been into triathlon four years starting with Kansas and Branson 70.3® in 2010. First Full with Rev3 Cedarpoint in 2011, Louisville in 2012, and CdA earlier this year. Celebrating turning 50 by doing two. 😉 Am excited to see how training and racing with power will help, as I switch to a power meter right after CdA. Can’t wait! Heard so much about Madison!

Melissa Olivas - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationMelissa Olivas

I was suckered into running my first marathon in 2006. It was a great experience but I was slightly injured afterward so I began swimming. A cyclist friend helped me buy a bike and another friend convinced me to sign up for a half ironman triathlon. It was an amazing experience and I was hooked. Since then many of my family members and friends have joined the triathlon world and I love the lifestyle. I have participated in many triathlons since then including two ITU World Championships and completed my first Ironman® in Coeur D’Alene last year with my brother-in-law and long-time EN member, Terry Olivas. It was an amazing experience and I Iook forward to racing with him again this year at IMMOO! This is my first year with EN so my race day goal is to execute my race plan EN-style! Good luck everyone!

Brian Quarton - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationBrian Quarton

I am from south-central Illinois. This will be my third IM and second time in Wisconsin. This is my A race and I’m ready. I want to continue to improve my swim split, lower my VI on the bike and run up to my potential. I race in a black DeSoto Liftfoil, but I will wear my white EN visor on the run. It’s been a great season of training, but now it’s time to race.


Michele Lewon

I am from McCook Lake, South Dakota. I have participated in triathlon since 2008. This is my first IM race. I have done a couple of local HIM races, including Liberty in MN and Pigman in IA. My goal is to finish in one piece! I hope to finish in less than 15 hours. We’ll see…

My real job is as an attorney, which I have done for 12 years. I spend my free time (which I cannot recall now, having done IM training in all of my free time for the last year) volunteering and traveling. I wanted my first IM to be in Brazil, but the reality of that set in and I stuck close to home. Can’t wait to get to Madison.

Damon Wagner - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationDamon Wagner

My name is Damon Wagner and am from Plattsmouth Nebraska. I am a very proud father of two daughters and have the best wife in the world who supports my racing and training. This will be my first full IM and have been with EN since October of last year. I raced mountain bike for many years and switched over to triathlons about five years ago. I have six HIMs under my belt but have always trained well but never raced well. I am excited to take what I have learned with EN this year and apply it to Wisconsin. I have always had big TIME goals in the past which I think always led to my bad day racing performances. My goal in Wisconsin is to stay in my BOX and hit my power numbers along with my pacing numbers and pay special attention to my nutrition plan and see where that takes me.

Sue Chapman - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationSue Chapman

This will be my second IM and second Wisconsin (first in 2011) – the first was a blast (yes, a blast) and I’m looking forward to September 8! I live in Madison (born, raised, and returned after a 10 year “visit” in Chicago) with my husband Scott and our two cats Miss Mae and Roo (aka “the she devil”). With the exception of minor dabbling in sports during my childhood and early adulthood, I wasn’t into anything tri-related until about 5 years ago when I did my first sprint and it was love at first “tri!” Took last year off of IM to train and complete my first 50 mile ultra and may try that again in the future. For now, I can’t wait for Sunday, when I’ll be racing with my sister and EN member Mary Larson and look forward to welcoming everyone to our beautiful city!

Rick Goullaud

Plymouth, MN racing triathlons for 6 years. Qualified for National Age Group Championship Olympic Tri in Milwaukee three weeks ago and finished 22/42.(2:46) This is my first Ironman® and goal is to finish. Hope to break 14 hours.

Michael Paul - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationMichael Paul

I currently live in Libertyville IL, a northwest suburb of Chicago. I have been competing in triathlons off and on since 1996. This will be my 4th start at IM WIS. My first attempt was in 2006, I only made it to the medical tent on the run course. I was totally unprepared for the cold and wet conditions and suffered severe hypothermia. I learned a lot that year but was very disappointed in my DNF. After several hours I was able to stop shivering and shaking like a Mexican jumping bean…. I came back and finished in 2007 and 2008 but I have never had the finish time I wanted. My home life was such that I had no support of my training or racing and never really showed up fit. I had all the tools I needed and had the Crucible fitness training plans but never had the opportunity to train for IM even close to what is necessary. My current PR for IM is from 2007 when I went 14:40:05. Since my last race in 2008 I have gotten divorced, changed jobs multiple times and finally fought through Alcoholism and I have been sober since January of 2012. I am back 5 years after my last finish and I finally have someone in my life who supports my training and will be competing in her first 1/2 IM at Augusta in a few weeks. I am here this year with the “simple goal” of finishing prior to sunset, that means 12:20 and improving my PR by 2:20, I am in a much better place both mentally and physically this year than ever before, looking forward to this race, glad to be back with Rich and EN and really looking forward to next year and a full year of consistent training. Look for me at the finish line by 7:20pm even if I am crawling….. I hope everyone has a great race!

Dave Mehl - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance Nation Dave Mehl

I’m 34 (but racing in the 35-39 AG) and a structural engineer from Bartlett, IL where I live with my wife, almost-5-year-old daughter, 6-week-old daughter and two dogs. This is my second year of triathlon, my first Ironman, and my first year with EN. Wisconsin is a natural choice for my first IM since my parents live in the Madison area – they’ll be out on the course with my family cheering me and all the other EN’ers, which will be a highlight of the day for me. Our newborn has definitely added a twist to the final weeks of training, but I feel like I’m still prepared to finish which is my goal for Ironman® Wisconsin. I’m looking forward to meeting the team and coaches and taking in everything that is the Ironman® “experience”.

Steve Ross

Hey gang Steve Ross from north of the 49th parallel here in Ottawa. Wow the time has come to finally tow the start line again on the IM tour. I have been doing this awesome sport for over 10 yrs now and this will be my 8th IM distance. I choose this race for two reasons 1) Team event(awesome venue) and 2) to finally go a little farther west and personally meet as many the mid west crew of EN that I have come to know on line. So in saying all that, I do have race goals but the bottom line is to get over that finish line with a smile and a race well done. This will also be a special day for me as well as my better half(Brenda) will be on the race course with me competing and not just cheering me on, stoked!

Brenda Ross - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance Nation Brenda Ross

This will be my first Ironman. I was a duathlete for 8 years when I decided that I should learn how to swim and start doing triathlons. I quickly moved up to Half Ironman® distance, but was waiting to turn 50 for my first Ironman, but after participating in the Lake Placid camp last year I thought that I was ready and signed up for Wisconsin with my husband and Ottawa Sleeper Cell team mates Natalie and Brent Pilon. No time goes for this girl, just want to finish standing up right so I can flash the EN Gangsta sign.

Jay Lakamp - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationJay Lakamp

I’m married with four adult children and live in the great state of Oregon. I’ve been in the tri-sport for ~4 years and have done 3 IM’s before this year. I survived Texas earlier in the year and shortly will be doing IMOO. I have family in the WI area that will coming down to see their first race and my daughter will be coming up from Nebraska too. I want to race/execute a DNH (Do No Harm) race in WI. I was blessed this last April to go and race the WTC in Kona this October again. I won a lottery spot in 2011, but this time my son’s will be there to experience the race and volunteer for the event. I have been with EN in and out of the “Haus” for the four years.

David Salzman - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance Nation David Salzman

This will be my 3rd time racing IM MOO (’08 and ’09) and the first racing with EN. I am from Chicago and this is my 10th season racing in triathlons. The past several years have had their share of ups and downs including a bike crash during a race last year with a shoulder injury that promptly ended the 2012 season. I feel good and ready to go for this race. My goals are simple, finish the race, have a great day, try to run as much as possible, and if the stars align, the weather is good, and all of the things outside of my control work out well then hopefully I can put together a great race. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the EN teammates on the course and feeding off of the awesome MOJO. See you all up in Madison!

David Wonn

David Wonn - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance Nation

I live in North Little Rock, AR and I am a Team EN member since before it was EN. I started doing sprints in 1986 (this year I completed the race that I started with for the 28th consecutive time at age 60 finishing 30/300 overall). Raced Wisconsin in 2010 and crashed and burned on the bike after encountering a narrow slit in the road in the shadows that my front wheel dropped in at about 28mph. So with my aero helmet split over my ear, 3 inch bumps (hematomas) protruding from left elbow and hip, and with elbows and knees bleeding … I finished the last 32 miles of the bike and the marathon for a 14:05 finish time. This year I am looking for a little less drama and a little faster finish time.

Rachel Hawe - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationRachel Hawe

I’m from Chicago, IL and am excited to be coming to Madison for my first full Ironman! I did my first sprint triathlon in 2008 and decided then that someday I’d do an Ironman. Since then I’ve been working my way up the distances and learning so much along the way.

I joined Endurance Nation in November, and while I haven’t had the greatest training year, I am thankful for all the coaches and team have done to get me to race day. My number one goal is to cross the finish line before midnight smiling, remembering that no matter what, we are all so lucky to be able to play this game. I have also dedicated my journey to raising money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America in appreciation for being healthy enough to do this.

Terry Olivas - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationTerry Olivas

My name is Terry Olivas and I’m a 42-year-old heart surgeon from Duluth, Minnesota. I have been with Endurance Nation for 4 years. This is going to be my fourth ironman. It has been a long year with a job change, a move from Alaska to Minnesota, and many training distractions, so I’m very excited to reach the start line healthy with potential for a good race. My goals are to exit the water with a smile and to set myself up for a massive run PR. As always, I’ll be joined by my awesome wife, Peggy, and seasoned ironman spectator dog Stanley.

Lori Beck

Eight years ago, I was challenged to get back into shape by doing a sprint triathlon. I bought a bike, some running shoes, and watched people swim laps because doggy paddle was my only swim stroke.

After the first race, I was HOOKED!

This will be first IM with EN and third IM(WI). Living in Chicago, it’s nice to train on the course a couple of times – and this year was a bonus attending Coach Rich’s Wisconsin camp.

Goals for this race….execute within the Four Keys…and enjoy the journey!

Joe Matchette - Ironman® Wisconsin - Team Endurance NationJoe Matchette

I currently live in Warner Robins, GA with my wife, Gen, two daughters (13 and 8) and my son (11). We are a triathlon family — even the kids have all done races. We became a tri-family when my wife started it all in the Spring of 2007. I deployed to Iraq that summer and started training for my first sprint in the fall of 2007. I got the bug and did my first IM in November 2009. This will be my 5th IM and thrid with Endurance Nation. I raced here — 2010, before I joined Endurance Nation– and ‘over-cooked’ the bike which led to misery the last 12 miles of the run. My goal this year is run the complete marathon and finish in the daylight.


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