2013 Ironman Lake Tahoe: Meet Team Endurance Nation

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Beautiful vistas, crystal clear water…and hardcore Ironman® action! That’s what 2013 Ironman® Lake Tahoe is all about! With temps in the 60s F and bright, sunny skies, it looks like it’s going to be a perfect day for racing at one of the newest and most visually stunning racecourses in Ironman. TeamEN, as usual, is ready to own this race, and here are some of the challengers.


Bryan Richter - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationBryan Richter

I’m originally from Los Angeles, CA, but have lived most of my life in the SF bay area. I’ve been competing in triathlons for 8 years. I’ve done a bunch of Olympic races and HIM races. I completed Vineman full in 2011.

IMLT seemed like such a good idea when it was announced given that it’s so close to home. Now that I’ve seen the course, I realize the challenge that I’ve gotten myself into. I’m really pleased with my preparation and I’m feeling ready. I don’t think this is a good race to try and beat my Vineman time. I’m planning to follow the EN pacing plan on the bike and hopefully PR the marathon.

Ken Smith

Hi, my name is Ken Smith, 53. I am a Nurse Practitioner from Warren, Ohio. I have been doing Triathlon’s for 3 years. In that time I have done 4 sprint’s, 4 70.3, 3 Olympic, and IM Louisville 2012. I have run 15 marathon’s over the last 4 .5 years, running Boston over the last 4 years. I have lost 90 lbs since 6/08 and did my first road race 1/09 which was a half marathon in Miami. I had a small segment in Runner’s World magazine 4/12 weight loss issue. I have been with EN since 10/11. My goals are to finish with a smile and wanting to do it again in the future. I understand that Lake Tahoe is going to be quite the Challenge. I look forward to seeing everyone there. GO TEAM EN!

Eric Rueppel

I’m from Sturgis, MI. A very small town on the Michigan/Indiana border. I am a Electrical Contractor and own my own business Prime Quality Electric, LLC. I’m 42 years old and I have been racing Ironman® since 2009. I have completed two 70.3® and two full Ironman® events. (Wisconsin 2010 and Lake Placid 2012) I chose Ironman® Lake Tahoe as a destination Ironman® event for the scenery. Race day I want to execute like a Ninja. I don’t have anytime goals not knowing how much the altitude will play a factor. I want to have a good swim followed by a very well executed bike which sets me up being able to run past mile 18. Taking it all in and enjoying the race is what it is all about.

Valerie Ackley

I am from San Clemente, CA, I have been racing triathlons for 2 years. I have done 3 half IMs, but IM Lake Tahoe will be my first full IM, so my primary race day goal is to finish and not die! (If I can do that in under 15 hours, then even better:)

Steve Hall

I have recently moved to Charlotte, NC. I really love the oxygen. But the heat and humidity can go. I moved from Albuquerque, NM.

This is my 9th year in the triathlon scene. I’ve had some ups and downs with racing and training. I am looking at breaking through the longer distances with some good results.

I am looking to finish strong, closer to the FOP and during daylight hours. I am going to race my race as I know it and hope it is good enough to get me to the big dance.

Michele Moreno - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationMichele Moreno

I’ve been doing triathlons since 1992, and for the first 12+ years I insisted I would NEVER do an Ironman, “that’s just crazy”. Well, since then I’ve completed IM Wisconsin in 2006 and 2009, and IM Coeur d’Alene in 2010. IM Lake Tahoe will be my 4th Ironman. I currently live in Madison, WI, but I’ve been lucky enough to spend several weeks in Colorado this summer, to get accustomed to training at altitude.

I am always hesitant to provide specific race day goals, since so much can happen. But I hope to be present in the moment, enjoy the day, and execute well… And avoid GI problems on the run… And a PR and a daylight finish would be pretty darn awesome too. 🙂

Eldred Fountain

I’m from Northern California, (born and raised). I’ve been in the sport for about 3 years.
I’ve done 2012 Honu, 2013 New Orleans, And 2013 Honu.
My ultimate goal is to do IM Lake Tahoe.

Al Truscott

IM LT is # 24, including 3 DNS and 2 DNFs. I split my time between Gig Harbor WA and Snowmass, CO, where I’m spending Aug/Sept training @ altitude for this unique IM. My goals: find out how fast I can go @ 6200′; get myself ready for 2014 racing, when I enter a new age group; run 26.2 in 4:10, my BQ time (always a goal, but getting easier this year as the time goes up 15 minutes!)

Chris Kuebert  - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationChris Kuebert

I live in Seal Beach, CA and work for the City of Long Beach and have been in the sport for about 6 years completing about 2 olympics/year and 3 HIMs. This is my first full year with EN and will be my first full IM. I have had a blast with the team and learned more than I could have imagined. Goals for the race are to have fun, stay in my box and finish with a smile on my face.

Greg Lynch - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationGreg Lynch

Davis, Ca. This is my fourth year doing triathlons. I did IMCdA in 2011 and thought it would be my first and last Ironman. But I have a house in Truckee California and when they announced IMLT I signed up for it. My goal is to finish with a smile on my face.





Simon Shurey - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationSimon Shurey

I am originally from England but have lived in the USA since 1996 and now live in Nantucket with my wife Donna. I became a citizen last year. With a background of running of marathons I became intrigued about triathlons. I joined EN about three years ago to give myself the structure I felt I needed. Best desicion I have made. This will be my second full ironman. I am looking forward to the beauty of Tahoe and racing it. I feel as though I am in the best shape I have ever been. I look forward to executing this race the EN way. See you out on the course.


Scott Davis - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationScott Davis

This will be my 2nd IronMan, competed in Florida in 2011. I am 44 yrs young, and live, work, and most importantly play in High Point, NC. I have two beautiful daughters Kiana who is 13, and Hayden who is 15.
I got to marry my biggest cheerleader, supporter, and the love of my life, Michelle. Since I swam in High School and College, and ran Cross Country in High School, I had always wanted to do a triathlon. 5 years ago I competed in my first sprint, and was hooked after that.

My goals for this race are to finish standing up with a smile on my face, and enjoy this unbelievable venue.
I look forward to meeting other members of this incredible team.

Kathleen Spillane

Hi Team, I am Kathleen Spillane from a small town in mid Michigan. I have been doing triathlon since 1995. Tahoe will be my first serious attempt at the IM distance, having done one independent IM 7 yrs ago. My goals are to stay steady, especially on the bike, so that I can do more running than the last time. It is a destination race for me and so I want to soak in the whole experience. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the Tahoe team!

Martin Soole

I’m originally from Sioux City, IA. After 6 years in NYC after college I moved to sunny L.A. where I am a professional actor. 4 years ago I ran a half marathon and I was hooked on endurance sports. Next came marathons and then my first triathlon 2 years ago. I’m currently sponsored by Trisports.com. Use code MSoole for 15% off almost everything online. I also write a blog about my adventures at thetipsytriathlete.com

Race day goals: 1. Don’t blow up. 2. Smile for the cameras 3. Enjoy the experience. 4. Race my heart out from mile 18 to the finish.

Jennifer Eckert - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationJennifer Eckert

Hi Team, I’m from Sacramento, California and have been racing for 20+ years. I was late to the IM game, doing my first at 53. I’m married to a great guy, Mike, who has been the best training partner ever. We live in Idaho in the summer and paved roads are few but we have some great routes. Pools are non-existent unless you want to drive 1 1/2 hours to swim without lane line and kids! So I did every swim in the Island Park Resevoir…squeezing into my wet suit 3 days a week, watching the water level drop to 30% and get green algae blobs! My run venue was forrest or dirt neighborhood roads (which I did alot cause I hate having to carry bear spray!) When I did venture into the woods, Mike would ride his mountain bike back and forth and make sure I didn’t get eaten. I did my last run on Monday of this week and turned down my normal route and there was a huge pile of bear scat (black bear) in the middle of the road…so much for not carrying bear spray through the neighborhood!

IM Tahoe is my 5th Ironman. Getting to race in Lake Tahoe is pretty great since it’s only 1 1/2 hours away and I lived in So. Lake back in the day! With it being so close all of my kids and their spouses will be there to cheer me on. I hope I can do them proud. My primary goal is to finish! That being said, I’m just entering the age group sooooo….I’ve put in all the training so I have to trust in that and have the patience and discipline that Rich and Patrick preach. I’m not putting any time limit on myself, but hope to finish the swim in 1:20 or better, the bike in 7:50 or better and hang on for the run!

It will be fun to see the familiar faces from prior races (AZ/2011) and the National Rally, and to meet some new peeps. See you at the race!

Dusty Holcomb - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance Nation

Dusty Holcomb

I’m from Concord, NC and have been racing triathlon since 2010. I raced my first IM in 2011 at Florida and as soon as I finished the race I knew it wouldn’t be my last ironman! I did Arizona in 2012 and have raced two 70.3® races this year. My goals for IMLT are pretty simple. I want to enjoy myself and not punish my body too badly. I am racing the Beach 2 Battleship full iron race on 10/26. My goals for that race are to try and podium in my category (Clydesdale) so I am really looking forward to Tahoe and am treating the race as a destination race and a really long long long training day. I can’t wait to meet other EN Team Members!

Patrick James - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationPatrick James

I live in Danville, California and have been a Triathlon addict since 2006. I ran my first marathon in 2001 and before that I was a big couch potato. My first Ironman® was Ironman® Austria in 2007 followed by Florida in 2009 and IM St. George in 2010. I do 2-4, 70.3® races a year.

Because of the altitude, hills, and very demanding work schedule my goals for Ironman® Lake Tahoe return me to the basics of just finishing and being happy I can do it……. Okay Dammit, I’ll admit it, I’m the typical “Type A” triathlete and have time goals deep down inside me as I go into Zone 4 and 5, while training, and imagine Coach Rich or Patrick with a gun to my head.

Swim adjusted time of 1:22-1:25 down from personal best of 1:12 at Ironman® St. George. I have found it very difficult to maintain any pace faster than that at the Lake Tahoe elevation.

Projected Bike time of 6:15 – 6:30. I have ridden the course 4 times over the last year and found that my Power numbers, race xls, and ability to run at that elevation seem to be good with this time.

The big stretch goal and probably the most important (besides finishing, having a good day ..Yada, Yada, Yada) is to run the whole damn thing – no walking. Time wise I would like to go under 4 hours for the run.

Sheila Leard - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationSheila Leard

I currently live in Folsom near Sacramento CA. I’ve been hooked on this sport for 12years! I love the human spiriit I feel from the other athletes when racing. I have worked my way up in distances and did my first IM in 2008 in Couer d’Alene. The IM bugged bit me and now I am about to toe the line for my fifth IM. My most memorable race was my third IM. While training I had a bike crash that broke my pelvis in two places. Less than 9 months later I raced Coeur d’Alene. I remember the last 6 miles of the race was like I was running in heaven. I was so happy to be given the gift to race. I had no idea that I was on pace to place 4th in my age group.

IMLT is my chance to try being conservative on the bike and see what I can do on the run. I’m looking forward to racing with other EN athletes. I have a lot of respect for this distance and have prepared the best I can while owning a business, 2 teenagers, married (hubby also racing) and training for IM.

Let’s see if Fast before Far works!

Greg Lewis - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationGreg Lewis

I’m from LA and started doing sprint and olympic tri’s in 2005. We have a lot of awesome local roads for climbing on the bike, great trail running and ocean swimming. I’ve done 4 IM’s all within driving distance. IM Arizona 3 times and Vineman once. I did a test 1/2 IM a couple months ago up at high altitude and really suffered. My goal is to start off slower and smoother, and then build from there.




Jon Needell - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance Nation

Jonathan Needell

Married and father of two children (daughter – 13 and son – 11). This is my third IM. First was Arizona 2011, and second was IMNYC 2012. Along with three HIM’s. Generally I guess someone who enjoys the suffer fest. Goal is to Finish as training has been sporadic.


Mike Picard - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationMike Picard

I live in Sunol, CA (SF Bay Area) and my first triathlon was a sprint called the Tin Man on Oahu in 2001. I have done many Sprint and Oly races, including Wildflower, World Police/Fire Olympics in Vancouver, and first IM was Arizona in 2009 (12hrs,15mins). I am a retired Fire Chief, married with 7 kids (3 hers, 3 mine, 1 together). My hobbies include triathlon (duh), snowboarding, playing bagpipes/kilt wearing, drawing, and home building/remodeling. My goal for IMLT is to break 12 hours and run a sub 4 marathon in the process!

Rich Stanbaugh - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationRich Stanbaugh

I’m from Livonia, MI – have been in triathlon for almost two years. I did Syracuse 7 Steelhead 70.3® this year – this is my first full Ironman.

1. Don’t get hurt!
2. Have fun
3. Execute a smart race
4. Finish!
5. Better than 13 hrs
6. Better than 12 hrs 🙂

Christy James

This is my third full IM, but my first with EN. Given the challenges of this course, all I want to do is have a good day and finish.

Drew Carrillo - Ironman® Lake Tahoe - Team Endurance NationDrew Carillo

I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah. Four years ago, I ran my first marathon with my wife and my brother. It was an awesome mile stone to all share together. Last year we did our first Olympic, and this year all three of us will be doing our first Ironman® at Lake Tahoe. My goal time is 12:30, but all I really want to do is beat my brother. =)

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