2013 Cozumel – Meet Team Endurance Nation

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Ahhhh…white sand beaches, tropical drinks, warm temps…Cozumel is going to be a dream! Yeah, right. Featuring a swim through a protected barrier reef (you get to swim with the fishes!), a flat-and-fast three loop bike course, and a festival-like run course, IM Cozumel is unlike any Ironman® event you’ve raced. While we won’t be surprised to see quite a few PRs, this ain’t no Carribbean paradise…this is Ironman! Let’s meet the members of Team Endurance Nation taking on this fun course.


Patti Rosen - Team Endurance Nation

Patti Rosen

Hiya! I love this race! It was my first IM length race in 2009. I would like to do well but it is thanksgiving vacation for my family. We’re meeting up with friends from Austin and friends from Houston. we are looking forward to nice weather, swimming with dolphins and in general, having a great time.
10 years in triathlon
I work as an emergency medicine physician and toxicologist.
Watch out for the jelly fish!

Carl Noftsger

Hello TEAM EN, Carl Noftsger here from Altoona, IA, been doing multi sport now for about 14 years but only long distance now for 4 years. This is my second crack at the Island and looking forward to it now. It cracked me mentally last year d/t the current on the swim, wind, heat, and humidity but now knowing what to expect changed up my training a little. As always my number one goal is to finish the rest with a smile and my long term goal is to PR.

Paul Hough - Team Endurance NationPaul Hough

Greetings from sunny Tampa, Fl. I am married, have 3 adult sons and a 15 yr old daughter. Not counting a couple of triathlons I did in 1980, I have been in the sport since 2006. IM Cozumel will be my 7th and the first one that I have repeated…so I know this course. Unfortunately, I’ve had several injuries this year so my goals are modest. In descending order of importance, I want to notch another IM for the legacy program, stay within 15 mins of the Honey Badger, and try to come in the top five of my age group. Work, works, baby!

Sukhi Muker - Team Endurance NationSukhi Muker

I live in West Vancouver, BC Canada with my wife Kate and 9 month old Indira. I’m a former hockey player turned endurance athlete in 2006. I raced several dozen marathons and ultra-marathons until 2010. Learned to swim for the first time in 2010 and turned triathlete. I love the IM distance.

This will be my 5th IM and I’m coming off a tough race from IM Canada this year. IM Coz is all about expressing the fitness I have.

I’ll be at Coz with my big brother, who’ll be in Mexico for his first time, should be a fun CeleBROtion! Professionally I’m an author, speaker and award winning doc. I love to authentically connect with people and hear about their dreams. I’m a huge goal setter and my life’s all about crushing dreams.

– THis race for me is all about Theodore Roosevelt’s quote:
It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

Chris Sebastian

From Dallas/Fort Worth, married with 2 grown kids. I have been doing Triathlon for just over 2 years. This is my first Full Ironman® Distance, and my goad lis just to finish.

Paula Nystrom - Team Endurance NationPaula Nystrom

I live in Weston Florida (Ft. Lauderdale area) and have been involved in Triathlon for several years. I have been an avid cyclist for years, and back in the day I was a running junkie. I fractured my back on Active Duty in the Marine Corps, but it was not diagnosed at the time. Over time it became very painful and I now have a vertebrae that sticks out the wrong way:). I started exploring new ways to strengthen my core and get back to running, so I picked up Pilates and then started swimming. Next thing you know.. here I am. I never thought I would be able to run long distances again, but as a result of the core work, switching to Newtons and dealing with the pain I have made a lot of progress. I can run almost pain free now. The EN training has helped me in many areas, but my goal for Cozumel (my first IM) is to finish! I have struggled with stomach issues in several 70.3® races, but I believe I have my nutrition dialed in now. Besides that I plan to enjoy the experience and try to finish in the middle of my “over the hill” age group:).

John Sakelaris - Team Endurance NationJohn Sakelaris

I’m looking forward to my 3rd Ironman. I have been at triathlon for 7 years and it’s been a life changing experience. I am thankful for a great family that supports all that goes into triathlon training. 11 weeks ago I broke my foot and was told by a podiatrist that there is no way I would be able to compete. Thankfully I got a second opinion and now I’m ready. I wish I could have completed the entire training schedule but I’m feeling pretty good and look forward to having a great time. Good luck to all and let’s have some fun.


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