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Coach Patrick February 2016 Training Update

800 480 Patrick McCrann

Hard to believe it’s already March 1st and time for another returning update. I know that February is a short month but really, this is ridiculous. So when I last left you in February I was transitioning to the OutSeason® with some intensity. The goals was to bring my higher-end fitness up from the aerobic run…

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Irritable Triathlete Sydrome: TWENTY Ways to Handle Injuries & Continue Dominating

150 150 Coach P

  Being a triathlete makes you feel like you have superpowers. She swims…she bikes…she RUNS!  Your friends and family don’t often get along but they can agree here: We can’t stop her, we can only contain her! And then you get injured. There goes your master season plan you built six months ago. You know…

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