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Three ways to fast-track your epic recovery

Three Ways to Fast-Track Your Epic Recovery

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Congratulations. You did it. Two years ago you would’ve laughed at anyone who suggested you could have achieved what you’ve just done.  It was epic and quad-shattering. Sleep destroying. Gut-wrenching… literally. You are nothing more than a shell of your former self, with maybe a T-shirt and a medal to show for it.  Once you…

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Nap Infographic

Power Nap Like a Professional

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What is a Power Nap A power nap is a 20- to 25-minute break that you take in the middle of your day. The target time is between 12 PM and 3 PM. This consistently lines up with the “slump” that most of us experience. Most athletes try and solve this downtrend with sugar or caffeine. Instead of…

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