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The Strategy, Skill and Lessons from Racing Back-to-Back-to-Back

587 384 Patrick McCrann

When I decided to tackle Ironman Cabo just four weeks after the World Championships, my goal was to carry my fitness forward in order to earn another spot to Hawaii. I was disappointed with my performance on the Big Island and wanted a second shot. This was to be my 25th Ironman® race, and I…

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Coach Patrick’s 2017 Ironman World Championship Race Report

595 572 Mariah Bridges

For those of you with short attention spans, I went 10:27 on the day.  1:07 swim 5:02 bike 4:04 marathon While it’s not even close to my personal best, the highlight of my day was being able to flex my mental toughness. Racing here is special, and I not only had a great time racing…

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What is it like to train indoors and race outdoors?

800 533 Mariah Bridges

Ian Kurth 2017 IMMT Race Report Training indoors racing outdoors   Training lead up Overall, I effectively doubled down on last year’s experiment of leveraging indoor swimming, cycling and running in various ways to achieve a training effect within my personal and professional time constraints. This means spending plenty of time in the pain cave…

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2016 Ironman Arizona Recap

600 600 Rich Strauss

The Team ended its US Ironman racing season this year with 45+ athletes making a strong showing at Ironman® Arizona. Both coaches, Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann, were on hand to lead the team and clock many hours of meetings, as they planned how to make 2017 — our 10th year — even more special…

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Lessons Learned from 10 Years of the OutSeason®

800 483 Rich Strauss

2017 will be our 10th year of guiding Endurance Nation athletes through our OutSeason® training protocol. Over 5000 athletes have joined us for our OutSeason®, generally running from early November through early to mid April, depending on their geographical location, race calendar, etc. What is the OutSeason? The highlights are: OutSeason® vs OffSeason: you are “out” of…

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Four Keys of Long Course Triathlon Bike Execution

800 532 Rich Strauss

While the Ironman World Championships in Kona are in just a few days, there’s still a lot of long course racing left on the calendar. These are our Four Keys of Long Course Triathlon Bike Execution, to help you get your mind right about how to ride the long course bike> The Delta Isn’t as…

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2016 Ironman Wisconsin Race Report: Frederick Guesneau

600 800 Rich Strauss

Join Coach Rich Strauss from Endurance Nation ( as he interview Frederick Guesneau about his 4th place and Kona qualifying performance at Ironman Wisconsin. Frederick and Rich discuss many topics, most notably Frederick’s trick for turning the pain of race day into a positive advantage.     Subscribe here: Listen to it on iTunes. Listen to…

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2016 Ironman Wisconsin Race Report: Ian Kurth

587 800 Rich Strauss

Join Coach Rich Strauss from Endurance Nation ( as he interviews TeamEN athlete Ian Kurth about his 10th place performance in Men’s 40-44 at the 2016 Ironman Wisconsin triathlon. Rich and Ian discuss many topics, most notably Ian’s experiment with running every day for 42 consecutive weeks! Subscribe here: Listen to it on iTunes. Listen…

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2016 Ironman Wisconsin Race Report: Ian Kurth

150 150 Rich Strauss

Ian Kurth 2016 IMWI race report.  This venue and distance doesn’t give a $#!% about past results… Mad Scientist seasonal training experiments: I don’t post much on the forums so I will do one big vomit of what I have been up to this season…  This season, I went off the EN reservation a bit…

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2016 Ironman® Wisconsin Race Report: Shaughn Simmons

425 640 Rich Strauss

A very, very good day.  Fantastic weather, challenging course, incredible team mojo and support, EN staff onsite (Coach R and Mariah) nailing the 4 keys and every other aspect of the race weekend, I was healthy, not injured and my fitness level was very good,……….. I mean, how many things can a person have going…

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