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First Triathlon Infographic

5 Big Picture Ways to Cruise Through Your First Sprint Triathlon (Bonus Infographic)

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You can avoid some of the most basic triathlon challenges with better planning. Here are five ways to make sure your first triathlon is a stepping stone to a fullย on multisport addiction. It doesn’t have to be much harder than this!!! 1. Includeย Swim/Bike and Bike/Run Workouts Not every workout counts the same towards your race.…

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EN Podcast 634 – Top 7 Things that Won’t Happen In Your First Triathlon

738 498 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation (www.endurancenation.us) for another weekly enduranceย podcast.ย  This week Coach P covers the challenges of that first triathlon. Could be your first triathlon of the year…or the first one of your life! Here are some things you are likely overlooking, or just assuming will go well. Do yourself a favor and…

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The Team @ Training Camp

Beginner Ironmanยฎ Section 1.1 – Picking Your First Race

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This article is part of a new beginner’s series. Click here to find more articles from this series. A lot of people have a finish line in mind — they are thinking about what it means to put their arms in the air. Maybe theyโ€™re a jumper, or maybe they want to roll on the…

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