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Road To Roth – How A First Timer Is Stacking The Deck In Her Favor

533 800 Mariah Bridges

When EN Athlete Abbey Bonner decided to take on Challenge Roth as her first Iron Distance Triathlon, she knew it would be an exciting yet CHALLENGING road (see what we did there?). Nothing she can’t handle. She has her WHY…she has her WHEN (all the races leading up to Challenge Roth)…and Endurance Nation has her…

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Season Planning for the First Time Ironman

150 150 Coach P

This is an excerpt of the first chapter of Endurance Nation’s upcoming eBook for first time Ironman® competitors. The book will be released to subscribers of the Endurance Nation Weekly Update newsletter in early March, 2014. Sign up for the newsletter using the form below to receive your free copy of the eBook.  So you’ve…

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