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DudeGuy Episode 7: Racing Awesomeness, Training Adventures, and Triathlon Integrity

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The Key Daily Questions project has expanded the scope of my personal goal to not just focus on adding positive elements to my daily life, but also to track other activities such as travel, daily reading, and weight management

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Key Daily Questions Template

The Key Daily Questions Protocol

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Making smart decisions is the fastest way to see macro level improvements. But what athlete do you know who regularly takes the time to make smart decisions? Yeah, me neither. Making smart decisions requires taking the time to consider the data and research, weighing the pros and cons, and thinking about the long-term implications and potential…

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Podcast: Making That First Decision

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Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another short coffee conversation. This Week’s Theme: Making Decisions We are all struggling in one way or another to find traction. It’s not that we don’t know where to go, is that we don’t know how to get started. But you have been opting out of that conversation…

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