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What is it like to train indoors and race outdoors?

Ian Kurth 2017 IMMT Race Report Training indoors racing outdoors   Training lead up Overall, I effectively doubled down on last year’s experiment of leveraging indoor swimming, cycling and running in various ways to achieve a training effect within my personal and professional time constraints. This means spending plenty of time in the pain cave training while watching Netflix and…

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2016 Ironman Mont Tremblant Race Report: Dawn Cass, 5th W40-44, 11′ PR!

Bit of Philosophy:  Ironman obviously tests your physical abilities, however, when thrown some additional challenges you really need to dig inside yourself mentally.  Do you have the perseverance and attitude to get through?  I actually think anyone could do the race…as long as your head is in the right place.  If your head and mindset are there, you can accomplish…

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2016 Ironman Lake Placid Race Report: Scott Dinhofer, 10th M50-54

IMLP 2016 – The Revenge Race This was my 6th Ironman, first time stepping to the start line at Lake Placid, one of the toughest ranked Ironman events there is on the calendar. The story of this race really begins a year ago when I herniated my L4/L5 disc 3 days prior to the race and was loading my car…

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Ironman Mont Tremblant Race Report: Bruce Thompson, 1st in M60-64!

Bruce Thompson, M60-64 AG winner and Kona Qualifier! Short Version I finished in 11:05:45, 1/54 in M60-64 AG, 326 OA.  I earned a slot to Kona. Overall, I had a great day, setting PR splits in all three disciplines. I was able to finish the run strongly, and re-take the lead at about mile 20.5 of the marathon, but I didn’t…

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