Race Report Update – May 9, 2012

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Lots race reports and results from Team EN since our last update.  An impressive 44% PR rate!

Members, don’t forget to let us know where you’ve been racing by adding your info here.

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Races on 4/1/12

Gary Zyriek raced in the Rebelman Sprint Triathlon and crossed the finish line in a PR-worthy time of 1:05:39.  He said “The swim was in an indoor pool- 440y. My swim time was 12 seconds slower than last year, but that’s mostly because I had to fight through so many people starting ahead of me (88 to be exact).    The bike was longer but I still rode .2 mph faster than last year. Most impressive was my run- I cramped and had to stop but still ended up 13 seconds per mile faster than last year (7:00 v. 6:47 pace).    Despite a few things going wrong, I felt AWESOME and that’s the feeling I needed for my first race of the season.”

Races on 4/8/12

Eric Blakie (photo at left) competed in the Marathon des Sables and finished in 54 hours 22 minutes for a new PR.  He said “This is basically 6 marathons in 6 days in the Sahara being self sufficient except water which is rationed.Bit hot ie 123 deg F one day and really uncomfortable as you are in same kit all week.But what an adventure ! Forget your marathon times –double them and add a bit—miles of sand dunes and awful terrain besides the heat.”

Races on 4/15

Mike Rudolph competed in the Hits Triathlon, the Half-Ironman® event for a finish time for 6:48:43.  His race report is available here and he also said “This was the HARDEST triathlon I have ever done!  I have done Coeur d’Alene and two other 70.3s.  The hills on the bike and run were brutal plus with low turnout and spectators, there was NO MOJO!    However, I followed EN execution strategy and properly paced myself on the swim and bike and although it was very, very hard, I PR’d the run course by over 10 minutes!  My overall time was not a PR, but I am pleased with the run PR since the run has been my downfall before.”

Races on 4/16

Rob Tagher ran the Boston Marathon and had a finish time of 3:34.  Members can read his race report here and he also said “Boston 2012 was the hottest, hardest race ever!”

Races on 4/22

Jim Ebert ran the Outerbanks Flying Pirate race, a half marathon, and crossed the finish line in 2:13:55.  He said “Rained the whole time. Last 3.5 miles on a mud road, but it is this type race you remember.”

Pete Joachim ran the Rutgers Unite half marathon and finished with a time of 1:43:22.  Of the race, he said “Solid effort coming in Wk 19 of my 2nd OS with EN.  Would’ve PR’d but for sore hammy’s (stopped twice to stretch, couldn’t fly down descents the way I like) and assisting another runner who had fallen.  This 2nd OS has gone better than last year, feeling faster, fitter and stronger. Thanks EN.”

David Sacoman (photo at right) raced in the Spring Fling sprint tri and earned a new PR with a time of 1:18:53.  He had a great race and said “First age group win ever. I am rarely in the top half of the bike but made top 20% in the bike a quantum leap for me. I am usually decent on the run but finished 6th overall. The OS has done Wonders for my racing. Can’t wait to start the SC training.”

Races on 4/28

Randy Pickard raced in the Drake half marathon and PR’d with a finish time of 1:51:09.  After the race he said “Thanks EN, I am a believer now the work works!!!    I didn’t think doing all the speed work would better my endurance longer mile events but I proved to myself today that It didn’t only improve my long distance endurance I proved that I could get my long distance legs back fairly fast. Thanks RnP.”

Races on 4/29

Carly Costanza ran the Rochester Flower City half marathon and finished in 1:44:39.

Doug Johnson also ran the Rochester Flower City half marathon and earned a new PR with a time of 1:30.  Members can read his race report here and he said “Work works!  I never in my life thought I could run at the paces I’m running at.  The best part is that I know now that I can get even faster.  The EN outseason plan has made me faster than ever running a lot less than I used to!  Thank you Coach P, Coach R, and Team EN.  You guys are awesome!”

Races on 5/5

Kit Bryan raced in the the St. George Ironman® (IMSG).

Dusty Holcomb competed in the White Lake half Ironman® and finished with a time of 6:24:50.

Jami McGinness completed the Siouxperman sprint tri with a time of 1:10:06 for a new PR.  Jami said “Completed a quick, fun sprint this past weekend to kick off 2012. Excited to see my bike jump from 20 to 21.5 mph from last year. My run from 7:23 to 6:44/mile pace. Though focused on my HIM, I am excited to see the OS shattered last years personal bests. Work works, thanks guys!!”

John Molchin raced in St. George and finished in 13:35:28.  Members can read his race report here and he also said “Although I did not PR the race, my run was a PR and I have never felt better off of the bike. My bike race plan called for 180 watts (70% of 257 FTP), I averaged 182, however due to the conditions this translated into a 7:15 bike.”

Carl Noftsger (photo at left) was another member of Team EN at St. George and he finished the race in 12:57.  He said “Mother nature wanted to be sure we remembered her and IM STG on 5/5/12.  I loved every freaking moment of it and will learn and build from it.    Thanks for everything now assist me to a sub 11 hour IM on 9/9/12.”

Races on 5/6

Craig Heigerick finished the Rev3 Knoxville HIM in 7:00 for a new PR!





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