Race Results Update – July 11, 2012

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Race reports since our last late June update are below. 22 races and a 45% PR rate!

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Races on 6/16

Patriot Half Ironman

Christopther Souza (photo above) finished in 5:25:15 for a new PR and said “I ran the Patriot Half last season and managed to complete it in 5:54.  This season, after sticking to the EN HIM Intermediate plan I managed to PR by just over 29 minutes.  Managed to shave 8 minutes off the bike while still using less energy than last year which allowed me to take 20 minutes off my run.  Thanks coaches R&P, workworks!”

Claire Coztanza finished in 5:45:00 for a new PR and said “Training with EN definitely led me to execute on race day. I still can’t believe how easy the first 6 miles of the run felt…it was as if I hadn’t run in days. Not only did the training help, but I think hearing the EN philosophy and learning from coach’s and teammates’ experience gave me the knowledge to execute well. Coach P’s talk at the LP training camp kept going through my head on the bike and run…”race within your box…let people pass you on the bike because you’ll catch them on the run…you’re going to want to run too fast, but hold back and let it go the last few miles”. Invaluable advice.”  Members can read the full race report here.

John Withrow (photo above) finished in 5:09:12 for a new PR and said “I had massive PR’s on the Swim, Bike, Run and both Transitions for ~29mins total!  The biggest PR’s came on the bike and the run.  To top it off I felt very strong through the end of the run and felt amazing afterwards, unlike last yr when I faded at the end and went straight to the med tent afterwards.  I’m totally loving drinking the EN Kool-Aid!”  Members can read the full race report here.

Marian DeSimone finished in 6:57:38 for a new PR and said “Team EN made sure I completed this race without injury and ready to attach my next level of training for IMFL. Thanks!”

Patrick McCrann (photo above) finished in 4:32 and said “A great day and awesome to see so many EN peeps out there representing!!!!”  His full race report is available here.



Races on 6/17

Bo Ekkelund completed the Challenge Aarhus Half-Ironman® in 5:08.


Races on 6/23

John Wood completed the Pacific Crest Long Course Triathlon (Half-Ironman® distance) in 3:51:50* and said “The asterisk on my time is because of a altered course because of weather, 3-4 inches of snow on the upper portions of.  The course was reduced 30 miles on the bike, we rode the Olympic distance course.  The weather was cold and rainy for most of the race and I got pelted with hail for the first half mile of the run.  This was a great opportunity for some non-ideal racing practice.  The Pacific Crest Long Course is a point to point race which makes for slightly different logistics and will probably make for a longer T1 time because you have to put your gear in a bag to be transported to T2 where you will collect all of your gear.  T2 is close to the finish so gathering your gear after the race is pretty easy.  The swim in Wickiup Resivoir was on the cold side, 61 degrees on race day.  35:35 was about 5 minutes slower than I was expecting, I just could not find the groove, I need more practice swimming in traffic.  The run to T1 is fairly short, 100 yards or so.  I focused on getting a good start on the bike and rode a moderately hard pace, no power meter so I used RPE.  For the first 5 miles I moved through the field around mile 5 the climbing begins, 830ft. of elevation gain as opposed to the 2360 ft. on the full course.  The course rolls for the next 13 miles until the downhill begins, again about 830 ft. over the next 8 miles.  Some traffic was encountered and  me and two other riders actually shared the lane with a pick up for a few minutes.  Going back and looking at my Garmin data I averaged 20.4 mph.  It is a long way from the dismount line to T2 on grass in a fairly narrow chute.  The run starts out with an aid station at the exit of T2.  The next 13.1 miles are on a paved trail, plenty of room for passing, mostly flat and some really great scenery!  There are three culverts to run through, the first and shortest is maybe 6 feet at the peak.  All of the road crossings are well managed and staffed, traffic is stopped well before runners cross.  As you run around the airfield you are quickly getting to the last few miles of the run.  The last mile gets a little busy and the last of the three culverts is encountered at about 300 yards to go.  Aid stations in each mile of the course.  I finished the run in 1:48:34, 8:17 average, which was a good result for me, I was shooting for 8:30’s.  I kept thinking 3, 7, 3 and thinking about the line.  It took me a while to settle in to the run, I had to pee for most of the bike and finally stopped at mile 2 of the run.  Finish time of 3:51:50.  I would do this race again, great organization and lots of events for spouses or kids to compete in.  Logistics are a mild challenge and only require minimal planning.   I am happy with this as my second half iron distance race but have identified some areas to focus my training on and build race execution as well as race fitness.  Thanks Endurance Nation.”  Members can read a full race report here.

Races on 6/24

Tim Johnson (photo above) finished the Cohasset Sprint Triathlon in 1:06:19.9 for a new PR and said “Redlined it a bit before IMLP!!”

Terry Olivas finished the Coeur d’Alene Ironman® in 11:53:18.  Members can read a full race report here.

Mont Tremblant 70.3

Bryan Fugate finished in 4:49 and said “A+ race organization.  Probably the best logistically put together race I have ever completed in.  A beautiful course, but very challenging on the bike and the run!  My first EN race, and I was super pumped going in about my fitness, and even more pumped after feeling great after the bike, just have to get these cramps under control!”  Members can read a full race report here.

Jimmy Augustine finished in 6:08.  A full race report is available here.

Matthew Ward finished in 4:50 for a new PR.  Members can read a full race report here.

Patrick Dalton finished in 6:09 for a new PR.

Buffalo Springs 70.3

Douglas Hamilton finished in 6:59 and said “Did not bonk, did not walk other than at the water points and had a good race.  The pacing info from EN was on the money and I was able to run instead of walk after the bike.  Also, I was able to pass some folks on the run who had zipped by me on the bike, that was good.  For me, EN works.”

George Sadler finished in 5:15:33 for a new PR and said “Great race! Felt like a mini St. George.”

Ironman® Syracuse 70.3

Doug Johnson finished his first ever HIM in 4:56:15 and said “This was my first ever half ironman and I knew going in that I was going to have a great day thanks to the EN training plan and all of the support I got from my teammates!  I had such a fun day and all of my expectations were exceeded!  Thanks coaches and teammates!” Members can read a full race report here.

Mike Joyner (photo above) finished in 7:37:08 and said “EN training concepts and racing execution protocols worked out great for me to put together a well thought out plan. It gave me the tools I needed to tackle the Half Ironman® distance. Doing things EN style worked even better when circumstances did not go as planned. It was a comfort to know I had solutions to draw upon, and it allowed me to maintain a calm, problem-solving perspective. In the end, I finished my “A” race and enjoyed every moment of it. Huge thanks to Rich, Patrick, and all the Endurance Nation team.”

Races on 6/30

Steve Ross (photo above) finished the Tupperlake Tinman HIM in 5:22:47.

Races on 7/1

Jon Allen finished the Ironman® Austria in 13:05:05 and said “Truly an amazing team to train with and race for, although not a PR this time without the EN team sat on my shoulder wispering in my ear to keep pushing for mile 18 it could’ve been a lot longer. EN = fantastic.”

Races on 7/4

Harry Cornwell finished the Yankee Doodle 10k in 1:04 for a new PR.


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