Why You Should Race With A Team [Plus A Free Webinar]

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TeamEN vs Eagleman 70.3

Team Endurance Nation is gearing up for our final membership drive before the 2013 racing season. If you are interested, you should consider signing up for the official Wait List for more information. There are a lot of great reasons why you should consider racing with a Team, even if it’s not TeamEN. Here are some top reasons to consider, with a bonus webinar invitation if you make it all the way to the end!

Reason #1 — Your Races Really Matter

When you look back on your year, you are going to remember a few key things. I can guarantee you won’t remember that nice long run you had when it got warm, or that one week where you swam four times instead of three…but you absolutely will remember your races. What happened and how it happened. Why you chose one way vs another. Who was there.

Reason #2 — Getting It Right

As a triathlete, you only race a few times a year. This means you only have a handful of chances to get it right before the season is over. You can’t afford to be reinventing the wheel or making it up as you go along. Simply put, your racing self owes it to your training self to get the big day right.

Inside TeamEN, everyone completes multiple race simulation workouts before their race. More importantly, you have the chance to draft and submit a race plan for review — your peers will tear into every detail to make sure that your strategy and set up are bulletproof.

Reason #3 — Full Spectrum Support

It’s nice to know the race has an expo with a mechanic, but when you travel as a Team then everyone is invested in helping one another. Odds are that if you need more CO2, a replacement tube or some obscure wrench…your teammates will have it. Β Forget the salt pills at home? Someone has you covered. Need a place for your family to hang out…the Team will take care of it. Need a high-five at the deserted run turnaround? Your Team will be there.

Reason #4 — Pre-Race Knowledge

Most triathletes will download the course maps before a race. A few will download the maps with GPS-related information. Fewer still will travel to the race course to train. But only members of TeamEN have a library of more than 1,000 race reports and piles of racing data. We even have info on places to stay, eat and take your family. As a result, any Team EN member can show up as a first timer but still race like a veteran.

Reason #5 — Have More Fun

I don’t really have any hard data here other than the feedback we get from our members about how awesome it is to have teammates and supporters all over the course. It’s hard to lose motivation or focus when you can’t go more than ten minutes without connecting with someone who’s totally invested in your performance.

Webinar Invitation — Tonight @ 8pm EST!!!

Join Endurance Nation coaches Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann for this webinar on transitioning from the Winter to Spring training cycle. This is your chance to hear exactly how members of the Team will be adjusting their plans, and it will give you insight as to how we coach the members of our Team.

Register for the FREE Webinar here — if you RSVP but can’t make it, we’ll send you a download of the recording!


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