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Our Four Keys of Ironman® Excution DVD, created in 2008, has been viewed by over 10,000 athletes and is the only Ironman® race execution product in the triathlon space. Coaches Patrick McCrann and Rich Strauss have over 25 Ironman® finishes between them, including Kona x 5, and TeamEN has had over 1000 Ironman® finishers every year since 2010.

Endurance Nation Ironman® Execution Manual“Proper race execution is free speed on race day.”

“Your fitness is only as good as your ability to apply it to race day via excellent race execution skills.”

“The Ironman® race course is littered with the bodies of very, very fit people who neglected to learn how to race.”

“Make the mistake of riding too easy? You have 26.2 miles to fix that. Make the mistake of riding too hard? That mistake now has 26.2 miles to express itself. How does that awesome bike split look as you walk 8-10 miles of the Ironman® marathon?”

We have a huge dataset of what works — and what doesn’t — on race day, and we plug our team into this Ironman® execution process. As a result, our beginners race like vets and our vets find that extra edge to achieve real breakthrough performances.

We’ve captured some of this guidance in our latest FREE ebook, The Endurance Nation Ironman® Execution Manual, and invite you to download it.

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