Dedicated To Supporting The Athlete

In the sport of professional cycling, a soigneur (“swan-yer”) is a very important part of a successful team. Not only do soigneur1they pack bags, prepare food, schedule flights, drive vans, hand up food, carry up to rooms, and calm nerves, they also rub legs. The Soigneur is the last person to touch a rider before the race, and the first person to hand them a drink after the race.

Unless you’re a professional, you are your own soigneur. We’re here to help. At Soigneur we create products that enhance your athletic experience, motivate you to start your workout, enjoy the ride, and recover from a workout.

Cold weather training can be a wonderful experience. The air is crisp, the trails are quiet, and the mind is focused. But it can also be hard on the body. Not only does your body have to warm up on the inside, it also has to warm up on the outside. You know that once you get over ‘the hump,’ you’ll be fine. But it’s that intimidating ‘hump’ that keeps many athletes indoors when the weather turns cold.

soigneur2Frankly, they’re missing out on the fun.

If you could ‘fast forward’ through the first few minutes of your training, you would quickly reach the wonderful part of the experience.That’s why we love Embrocation. It begins the warming process while you’re still getting dressed. Rub some into your legs, and within minutes it has begun preparing your muscles for the efforts to come.By the time you step out of the house, your muscles are already a few miles down the road.