The Leader in Finisher Frames

Finish Line Frames – After a dozen Ironman® Triathlons, Half Ironman® Triathlons, Half Marathons, numerous Marathons and a drawer full of finishers medals, pictures, bibs and certificates 2 athletes decided that it would be


nice to finally frame and showcase some of the items for home and office.  When the quote from a custom frame shop was over $4,000 and required a lot of time and energy, the memorabilia went right back into the drawer with the feeling that there had to be a better way to display some race hardware.  And an idea was born.

After numerous prototypes and a wife willing to dive into the business world, a product was invented.  The first product line of Ready Made Framing for Athletes was born.  Our products are made so that you can frame your memorabilia at home.  It’s easy to do and we offer a wide selection of products.
Our elite series frames are made with the highest quality standards available including acid free matting, 100% glass (as opposed to cheaper plexiglass or acrylic windows), and the frames are 100% wood.  We offer customizable engraving on the finishers plate for a personal touch.  Not only are our products beautiful for the home or the office, but they are affordable to the athletes.