Screen-Shot-2015-10-22-at-11.19.59-AM-1024x226clean adjective (klēn)

Free from dirt, marks, etc: not dirty.  Tending to keep clean.  Void of pollution or other dangerous substances.
synonyms: unadulterated, pure, fresh, cleansed, simple, sparkling

ethic noun (e-thik)

The discipline dealing with what is morally good; a guiding philosophy.  The principles of conduct governing an individual or group.
synonyms: moral, fairness, integrity, principle

Clean Ethics creates unique all natural cleaners for drinking containers with an environmentally friendly focus and a socially conscious mission.


  • Helping people avoid toxic chemicals by creating drinkware cleaning products that contain exclusively natural ingredients.
  • Reducing landfill waste by producing packaging that maximizes recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials.
  • Reducing bottled water waste by offering a convenient cleaning method for reusable drinking containers.
  • Helping solve water sanitation issues in developing countries through hygiene education and the donation of Bottle Bright.
  • Promoting domestic jobs and manufacturing by producing products that are made in the USA.


The Clean Ethics journey began appropriately at a trailhead – fresh off a mountain bike ride that was endured with noticeably less than fresh tasting water.  We were fed up with the grime that plagued our hydration packs and water bottles, and the lack of suitable methods to clean them.  After years of choosing between stains and odors or toxic chemicals, we set out to create the safest and most effective product for maintaining hard-to-clean drinking containers.  Our background in renewable fuel production provided the relevant experience in chemistry and product development.  After countless hours spent researching and testing, our unique all natural formula was born.

Recognizing that the problem of dirty water containers carries more serious risks to people in developing countries, our added purpose became to leverage our sales to give Bottle Bright to the people that need it most.

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