Member Interview – Brian Hagan on Ultraman Florida 2018

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Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast.

This week Coach P interviews Endurance Nation member Brian Hagan on his build to [Ultraman Florida 2018]( Brian is in the final peak of his training, and took a few minutes to break down how he got to this point in his athletic career!

**Key Talking Points include:**

– How Brian started this journey to becoming an endurance athlete.
– How Brian built a long-term plan for success.
– Picking intermediary training events.
– Building a Tribes (or Tribes!) to train with.
– How Brian plans to use Massage, Normatech Boots, and Chipotle to recover daily!

**Additional Links and Resources:**

– [Epic Camp]( in Hawaii with John Newsom
– Rich Roll “[Finding Ultra](”
– [InfinIT nutrition](
– [Normatech Recovery](

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