How To Build Your Best Race

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Build your best triathlon race

How To Build Your Best Race

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P interviews our own Marketing Director, Mariah Bridges as she breaks down how she utilized Endurance Nation to plan her comeback to triathlon after three years away and the little changes she made that made a drastic impact and build her best race.

The journey towards any endurance goal can seem like a daunting task. Through knowing your failure triggers and your mental motivators you can start to set up a path to success. Combine that with the perfect training plan program, a team to come beside you and be your support system and a nudge from technology is sometimes all need to have the finish line moment you’ve dreamed of.

Key Talking Points include:

  • How to make training a priority
  • Nutrition both on and off the course planning (Nuun + Skratch)
  • The mental transition from Training Self to Racing self
  • Utilizing Final Surge and the different membership levels
  • Tackling the Wahoo Kickr + Zwift combo
  • What happens when things go wrong?
  • How all of that prep paid off to a (spoiler alert) 96 minute PR!
  • Giving your race a bigger purpose: Memories of Honor

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