Getting Your (Endurance) House in Order

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Your first action at the start of each season should be to zoom out. It’s tempting to be very specific when we create our plans. But specificity is not your friend at the beginning.


Instead, you should be in full on discovery mode. This is your chance to process your recent lessons learned in a way that shapes your next set of decisions. By connecting past and future at the moment of decision-making, you create the opportunity for continued progression. 


Just as importantly, you leave the door open for serendipitous decision making. There will be outlying factors that will have a significant impact on your performance in the next season. They are simply not on your radar when we think of goals, but they are when we think about making changes to the status quo. That’s what we’re going to focus on today. 


  • Perform an Equipment Review
  • Scan Your Training Set Up
  • Define One Degree Better 
  • Specify One Change Per Month for Six Months

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