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OutSeason® Training Plan, Beginner LevelFirst launched in 2008, the OutSeason® Training Plan was Endurance Nation’s first best-selling resource. Well over 3,000 athletes have used our winter training protocols to achieve incredible fitness gains on just six to eight hours of training a week.

We realized early on that so many age group athletes were literally spinning their wheels during the winter months — and yet after a three to four month layoff, their goals were more ambitious than ever.

It wasn’t that age groupers didn’t want to do the training…they just didn’t have any specific guidance on what to do!


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We fixed this problem in 2008 with our focused OutSeason® Training Plans. Now in their 12th iteration, these plans represent our best possible effort at getting you ready for your best season of triathlon ever.

Triathlon Training Plan Overview with Coach Patrick

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Changes for our 2014 Plans


  • Removed “ON/OFF” guidance for bike Vo2 workouts and replaced with easier to understand and implement guidance.
  • Added longer, sub Vo2 sets in the last 6wks.


  • Removed the “if bricking cut shorter” stipulation.
  • Added thursday strides run for ADV athletes.
  • Changed Sunday extended run time to Zone 2 efforts.
  • Got rid of 200s, upgraded to 400s for VO2 effort.
  • Added Monday self assessment notes.
  • Intermediate – no thursday brick, reduced volume of longer sunday run and duration of FTP intervals.
  • Beginner – reduced volume of sunday run from INT levels and the duration of FTP intervals from INT levels.

Comparison of our Triathlon OutSeason® Plans

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