Meet Coach Rich

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Rich is a 10-time Ironman finisher, including Kona, with a 10:02 PR.

Inside Endurance Nation, Coach Rich manages the Season Planning process, creating for every new and current member their own customized Triathlon Season RoadMap — his guidance for how you’ll stack our training plans across your season, given your race calendar. He also manages the big picture direction of your training and racing season in the Macro Forum.

Rich is your official Swim and Bike Coach, responsible for all of the swim and bike workouts and educational resources created for the Team.

You can find Rich inside the Team once you create your Free 30-Day Trial Membership. If you look hard enough, you can find him elsewhere online, including:

On The Bike In Wisconsin!


With the Team Mascot!

Coach Rich Loves Climbing! TwoWheelsGood Coach Rich and Riley the Wonderpup

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