Long Course 101

Welcome to our Ironman® 101 page!

Whether you are a total first-timer or returning after a lay-off or some downtime, this page will help get you on the right track. As an age-group triathlete, we know that you have a lot more on your plate than the average person. Between life, family and work, you now need to squeeze in workouts, pick the right races, buy the right gear, and get ready for the biggest athletic event you’ve ever done. If that last sentence forced you to break out in a cold sweat, stop worrying! We created the first age-grouper focused plans, and we have spent the last five years coaching thousands of triathletes to the finish line. Are you ready to get started??

If you’re NOT new: Click here to read our JV to Varsity Triathlete guidance

Season Planning Guidance

Having a great season takes far more than luck and genetics; you have to line up what you want to do with (A) what you can do and (B) what your body is able to handle. Remember that the longer you play the game, the better you get at it…so your goal is to line up two to three quality seasons in such a way that you’ll quickly be on the fast track to being the best triathlete you can be!

>> Case Studies
>> Stacking EN Plans to Build a Season
>> How to Invest Your Time Across A Season

You’ll Make Mistakes

No one is perfect. After years of training and racing, we are no more closer to perfect than you, the total beginner. It’s part of what makes this sport so great — we all have the chance to improve and excel relative to where we are right now. Make sure you are at least one step ahead of the competition:

>> Top Five Beginner Mistakes to Avoid
>> Five Most Common Half Ironman® Mistakes

Adding Volume the Right Way

By now you know that Endurance Nation preaches a Return on Investment approach that helps you make the most of every minute spent training…say good by to junk miles! That said, adding volume at strategic points during your season can take your few FAST fitness and really help you add the FAR that’s going to help you dominate race day.

>> Triathlon Volume Strategy
>> Triathlon Volume: The Big Bike Week
>> Triathlon Volume: The Bike Tri Week

Extra Credit: EN Ironman® Seminar

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