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What Makes Endurance Nation Unique

Team EN Montage

Targeted Training on Minimal Hours for One Low Monthly Fee

Endurance Nation is built specifically for the age-group athlete. Our plans are designed for your reality — (1) every session has a purpose, (2) each workout is only as long as required to achieve our fitness objective, (3) longer workouts are posted to the weekends where you’ll have more time and flexibility.

Return on Investment (R.O.I.) is at the core of everything we do inside Endurance Nation.  As your coaches, you will entrust us to help you invest your training time and dollars — we earn that trust by giving you our best advice and 24/7 support, not by just making up training weeks filled with tons of volume.

Most importantly, you are 100% in control of your training. No more waiting to hear back from your high-dollar, part-time coach. No more training plans from magazines. We are live online every day, almost 24/7, to answer your questions and make your training as personalized and effective as possible.

Our plans and resources are evaluated every single year by your peers–our Members–and we incorporate their feedback in our quest to be the best at what we do. And let’s not forget that you have the support of two world-renown triathlon coaches: Patrick McCrann & Rich Strauss.

All of this for one low monthly fee with a money-back guarantee!

Matt Samojeden at Ironman® Louisville

“YOU WANT RESULTS??? In two seasons with EN, I went from being a corporate couch potato, where my heavy exercise sessions were walking to the next meeting, to real WORK the EN way. 76 lbs and 3 IM’s later I am going to KONA!!! RnP and the EN team I can’t thank you all enough!!!! This is a 25-year dream come true.” — Matt Samojeden

Every Day Triathletes Waste Precious Time 

Thousands of triathletes endure the daily grind of massive training hours on top of their existing commitments. Work, family, and social commitments aside, these triathletes proudly wear the “early morning workout” or the “more training hours is better” badge, but after weeks and months of endless miles and hours of training, a few key realizations begin to sink in.

Every Week Seems the Same

There is no evolution of training across a year that reflects a seasonal progression or the transition from non-race to race-specific training. It’s just one basic week that continues (apparently) to infinity. This repetition transforms initial gains into one long period of stagnation and frustration.

Individual Sessions Get Longer and Longer

The only apparent variable is time — each week / month / year your sessions seem to get longer and longer. What was fun and challenging in Week One is now nothing short of a full-time job by Week Twenty…and you still have months until your “A” race!

There Is No Material Evidence of Improved Fitness

Very few training plans or coaches actually incorporate functional testing into their training plans. Instead of measuring progress via gains in fitness, success is instead re-directed towards completing each week. With this as your “goal” there’s no true way to determine whether or not your current training is actually working.

Every Single Week Is Full of Things To Do…with Minimal Flexibility

Since you are a triathlete, then you have to swim, bike and run every week. And since all this work makes you tight, you coach says you need to do some yoga. Don’t neglect your core either, so here are two additional strength sessions a week. If you have time, she suggests including some TRX for functional strength and doing toe raises three times a day for two minutes on each leg so you can handle those new minimalist racing flats. By the time it’s all said and done, your innocent 12 hour training week is now north of 20 hours thanks to an additional 10 hours of work!

Truth be told, most triathletes spend months trying to figure out how they should actually train, instead of doing the training that matters.

There are countless ways to spend money — and time! — doing things that bring you no closer to realizing your goal of being your best on race day.

Endurance Nation Partners
We’ve Helped Thousands of Triathletes Since 2007

Endurance Nation Member Map

More Than 650 Members Today!

Even though Endurance Nation is just five years old, our message of quality over quantity…that Work WORKS has helped thousands of athletes achieve their personal bests.

In 2011 alone, we had more than 1,000 finishes at the Ironman® and 70.3® distances…and that’s just counting Team EN.

Endurance Nation | Red Star We have sold more than 2,500 training plans…

Endurance Nation | Red Star More than 2,000 athletes have been part of the Team…

Endurance Nation | Red Star We have distributed over 15,000 copies of our Four Keys DVD…

Endurance Nation | Red Star Our FREE Resources have been downloaded over 50,000 times…

“The $100 I spend now is producing a much greater ROI than that invested with a National team coach
for the last few years.” – Christopher Rabbat

“I am super impressed with the OutSeason® program: my 5k pace went from 8.25 to 7.43 mins per mile and my bike wattage increased 10 Watts per month. I start training for Texas next week,
so the 20 week program is perfect!” ~ Peter Foster

“It helped so much with motivation and accountability to know that there were others out there doing the same thing even though I was often up way too early running alone in the dark.
Also, made it much more fun.” ~ Chris Gleason


“This place is amazing. I can ask any question and get intelligent, thoughtful answers from a number of perspectives. This place is amazing at cheerleading squad, too. For being a virtual team, I saw teammates at every race
I did last year — from Girls on the Run 5k to Steelhead to Ironman,
EN starred kits and spectator shirts were everywhere.” ~ Becky Hirselj

“Patrick, Just wanted to let you know about our Eagleman results. Under the same conditions as last year (hot and non wetsuit swim) I had a 21 min. P.R. and Carol had an 18 min. P.R. Needless to say we are both very happy.
Now a little break then onto the Ironman® plan for Florida, our first one!” ~ Turby Wright and Carol Defazio

Four Keys | Ironman® Race Execution

Rich & Patrick @ Ironman® Lake Placid

“I came to Endurance Nation after Rich’s race execution strategies helped me erase years of frustration at Ironman. If you are early into IM or HIM training and racing, the race execution strategies and practical knowledge here is worth the price of admission many times over, and is probably more valuable to a triathlete with less than 5 years of experience than ANY training plan or piece of equipment you can buy.” ~ Al Truscott

Team EN: Your Age Group Training and Race Execution Solution

After years of one-on-one coaching, we realized there had to be a better way to help the countless athletes we saw online and at the races who were either making their training up…or were being seriously misled. We took our world-class training plans and added robust forums & membership options including several unique training & racing calculators. We literally re-invented the triathlon coaching model, building our own custom platform.

This means you get better training plans, unparalleled resources, unmatched support, and much more…all at a fraction of the price of traditional one-on-one coaching! 

Endurance Nation | Red Star Coach Rich will create a customized Season Plan for you…usually within 24 hours!

Endurance Nation | Red Star Coach Patrick will call you to answer any questions you have…before your Free Trial expires!

Endurance Nation | Red Star OPEN access to ALL of our training plans – more than 30 different training options!

Endurance Nation | Red Star Join your “A” event Race Group to start networking

Endurance Nation | Red Star Start learning instantly using our members-only videos, podcasts & articles.

Endurance Nation | Red Star 24/7 support from Patrick, Rich and the entire Team!

The best part of all of this? Getting started with Team EN is 100% FREE! Create your 7-Day Trial Membership to explore the site and connect with the coaches. Talk to our members. If you don’t dig it, we’ll give you your money back instantly!

Our No-Questions-Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You’ve probably already followed some form of a training plan. Maybe you’ve had a one-on-one coach. In other words, you know what you are looking for…and yet you are still trying to find the right solution for you. This is why we are ready to give you the best guarantee in the tri coaching business world.

Take a full 30 days to evaluate the coaches, plans, and resources. Connect with your fellow teammates.

Most importantly, do the workouts and see what type of results you are getting.

If you aren’t satisfied with your results, the plans, or the support you are getting for your membership…

Simply send us an email or message and we’ll issue a prompt, no-questions-asked refund.

You probably know that most other coaching companies require you to sign up months in advance — and there’s nothing to say you’ll get any of that money back!

The last thing we want is to have someone on our Team who is unhappy, unsatisfied, and doesn’t want to be there. You are free to leave any time, and we’ll refund you any time up to the first 30 days of your membership. 

Sounds Too Good To Be True, Right?

Don’t worry if you feel that way. We get that all the time (and we’re not offended!). After all, our coaching peers charge anywhere from $400 to $1500 a month for their services! How is it that Endurance Nation can we get away with charging just $99 a month?

It’s actually pretty simple — it’s all about scale. In 2007 we decided to become Leaders instead of Coaches. We don’t dictate what our athletes do; we work FOR our athletes. Our job is to listen and improve what we offer; and the more athletes we have in our network, the better we get.

Endurance Nation | Red Star With more than 650 people sharing the cost of running the Team, each individual pays less.

Endurance Nation | Red Star All of our resources are indexed and online in our Members Only Area for your convenience.

Endurance Nation | Red Star Our Members Forum is on 24/7…you are mere clicks away from getting support from your peers & the coaches.

Who are Coach Rich and Coach Patrick?

Coach Patrick MccrannRich Strauss and Patrick McCrann have been full-time triathlon coaches since 2001 and 2003 respectively. Specializing in long course triathlon, they have focused on training solutions for the average age-grouper and have coached hundreds of individual athletes to the Ironman® finish line. Both have qualified for Kona on multiple occasions.

Thousands more have used their high-quality training plans. Their prolific writing, combined with six to ten camps and clinics each year, have established Rich and Patrick as two of the top age-group triathlon coaches in the world.

Despite being from diverse backgrounds (Rich = Marine Corps, loves dogs, no kids; Patrick = Peace Corps, loves cats, two kids), they have combined to create the unique online community that is Endurance Nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anyone Train with Endurance Nation?

Of course! Our plans and resources are designed to help everyone be their best, whether you are in your first season or your fifteenth! Our community is split as 60% male, 40% female. 80% will do a 70.3® or longer event this year; the average experience level is two and a half years. Every year we have people just making the 17-hour Ironman® cutoff…all the way down to folks winning their age group and qualifying for Vegas or Kona.

Does Endurance Nation only offer Ironman® or 70.3® coaching?

No! Our athletes have been doing Sprint and Olympic distance events (and Xterra, and Duathlons, and Marathons…) for the better part of the last four years. We have offered minimal guidance on how to add these races to a larger schedule; now we are committed to generating complete training plan solutions for all your endurance racing needs.

I hear that EN is big on training with power. I don’t have a powermeter. Can I still use your training plans?

Yeah, we hear that a lot also :-) The intensities for all of our workouts are prescribed as power (or pace for the run), heart rate, and rate of perceived exertion (RPE). The workouts are exactly the same, you just reference the intensity according to what training tools you are using: power, GPS, a heart rate monitor, or the calibrated head. Short answer: yes, absolutely!

Where can I view a sample training week?

Each week is built from the perspective of maximizing your training time as an Age Group triathlete. While details, duration and intensity vary week-to-week between different plans, you can see a visual sample here. Please note our online plans are integrated right into the website and are accessible on your smartphone as well.

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept most major credit cards. At this time we only accept payments online so we will not be able to accept a P.O., invoice you, or take an order over the phone.

Ready To Create your FREE 7-Day Trial?

Stay tuned for your free trial invitation…and you’ll be on your way!

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