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Welcome to Team Endurance Nation

Welcome Video with Coach Patrick

We Are the World’s Largest, Most Active Triathlon Team

As winners of the 2013 Ironman® TriClub challenge, Endurance Nation proved to be the leading triathlon Team on the planet. Every athlete who joins TeamEN becomes part of our Team Coaching system, an approach to training and coaching that ensures you have access to the latest & greatest plans and advice, with 24/7 support.Our training approach is built around the Age Group triathlete with a job, a family and real-world constraints. We created the concept of Race Execution and every year we help more than 1,000 athletes reach their Ironman® finish line. Whether you are a first-timer looking to survive or a veteran looking to set a personal best, Endurance Nation has the resources you need to be your best! IM_TriClub_2013

“I am one of the many people benefitting from the technical expertise you have made available via your website and your newsletter. I changed my crankset, switched my mindset to higher cadence, “flattened out” the course and just placed 3rd for my age group in my first full distance triathlon (HITS North Country – Hague, NY), completing the event in just under 15 hours. Please consider me already one of your success stories. I am looking forward to becoming an EN member next season. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  ~ Marcelo

How It All Began

Before 2007, Rich and Patrick were already well-known Ironman-specific coaches, working with athletes via the basic one-on-one coaching model.

  • Rich Strauss, Monrovia, CA, then 39 years old, began coaching full-time (not as a second job) in 2001, as Crucible Fitness. Former Marine Corps officer, married, two dogs, no kids, enjoys “adventure motorcycling.”
  • Patrick McCrann, then in Boston, MA at the tender age of 33 years, began coaching full-time in 2004 as Performance Training Systems. Former Peace Corps, married, two girls and two cats.

Rich and Patrick were both members of Ultrafit, a coaching / business networking association led by Joe Friel. In 2006 they began to share coaching and business ideas, and collaborated on a few training camps. They met over gallons of coffee at Ironman® Coeur d’Alene 2007 and reached the following conclusions:

  • Both were 100% committed to being the best, most successful coaches possible; with “success” defined as a combination of our athletes’ performance and the sustainable growth of our businesses.
  • Both had experimented with hiring coaching associates and offering local performance services (metabolic testing, bike fitting, etc), but quickly realized the limitations of a business model focused on the business instead of the core customer.
  • Both had significant success selling training plans and running training camps, to augment their core one-on-one coaching businesses. It was here at these camps that Rich and Patrick saw the energy and connection between athletes which inspired them to think beyond one-on-one coaching.

At the same time in 2007 the world — and the coaching industry — was changing very quickly:

  • Training Plans: Their experience with selling training plans on TrainingPeaks had shown them that people were very interested in a high quality 95% solution — training solutions that work 95% of the time for 95% of athletes, at a fraction of the cost of high-touch one-on-one coaching.
  • Forums: Rich and Patrick had each supported and created one-on-one and training plan athlete communities in forums hosted on their respective sites. They had seen the value these athletes had created for themselves through the open and honest exchange of ideas and experiences.
  • Content Creation and Distribution: Technology was quickly creating opportunities to produce and affordably distribute high quality written and multimedia content. They recognized an opportunity to build a reputation and brand by teaching within and adding value to the triathlon space. This branding-by-giving would earn them permission to have conversations with athletes about coaching.

“I am not an EN member (yet), but I have used several of your free resources in the past 8 months or so, including the OutSeason® plan, the Pre-Season Plan and the Bike Focus Plan. I really enjoy how the plans are set up, and this past Sunday, I saw a HUGE return on my investment: I shaved a whole 9 minutes of my PB in a sprint triathlon! Anyway, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for making those resources available. If you guys make any more slots available on the team, I would definitely consider joining. Especially after having seen such great results. In the meantime, consider me a fan and someone who will definitely purchase a short course training plan from you guys for next year! THANK YOU! Rock on!”  ~ Annette

In short, The World is FlatThe future belongs to the creators and facilitators of communities, not to the Guru who attempts to claim a monopoly on knowledge and experience. Technology allows the Community Builder to create and spread a quality message, and have conversations with thousands of athletes versus a couple dozen; to build a brand and reputation by giving and sharing information rather than claiming to be the Guru/Smartest Guy in the Room. Those conversations in turn create communities and resources that are far more rich and deep than any one Guru, or team of Gurus, could ever hope to create.

So Rich and Patrick fired themselves as Expensive Gurus and decided to create something that had never been done before: Team Coaching. It’s been a wild ride over the last seven years, with TeamEN helping thousands of triathletes achieve their fitness and race day goals.

“Sadly leaving Lake Placid. But so happy to leave with a PR. From 12:43 in Florida to 12:17 here with a 3:50 marathon which would not have happened without this plan and the support from EN out on the course. Congrats to all!!!”  ~ Turby Wright

Where We are Today

We are proud to say that Team Endurance Nation is now over 700 members strong. Over half of our members have been with us for more than two years. Their ranks include age group winners, course record holders, Kona qualifiers, podium finishers, front of the pack, middle of the pack, and back of the pack superstars.

More importantly, they are our friends and training partners. We have cheered them on at countless races and have met their husbands, wives, kids, and dogs. We have redefined what it means to be a Team, and we are on a mission to help every willing age group triathlete be their best on a schedule that actually fits their lives at a price they can truly afford.

We encourage you to apply to join the Team or to connect with us at your next race. You’ll quickly see that Endurance Nation is truly something special, and that we’ve got a spot saved just for you.

We hope to see you on the inside soon,

Rich & Patrick

Your Endurance Nation Coaches

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