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Welcome to Racing with Team EN

Race Execution with Team EN

You train all year long, but it’s all for one reason — race day. In five years, we won’t be talking about how many hours you rode your bike in 2012 — we’ll be talking about the amazing race had. Inside Endurance Nation we know just how important your overall race experience is, and we have developed the resources and a training curriculum designed to have you 100% ready to execute the perfect race on the big day!

Here’s how Endurance Nation helps you learn to race to your potential.

Integrated Training & Race Preparation

You train all year to be your best. You are fit. You are strong, You are all geared up ready to race…and then you realize there’s just one small problem: you have no idea how to race!  While you aren’t alone in this dilemma, we can assure you that no one has this issue on Team EN.

Our Race Preparation training plans include milestone workouts. Each specific session has a purpose, whether it’s to test your nutrition, dial in your race pacing, to check your ability to pace properly, and much more.

As you move through your plan, you complete each session and the included learning homework. By connecting strategy to your workouts, we give meaning to your training plan. These workouts also give you multiple chances to improve your equipment selection, nutrition plan and race strategy, enabling you to move several steps ahead of the competition.

The Four Keys of Race Execution

As the creators of the Four Keys Approach to triathlon racing, we have been instructing triathletes how to race since 2007. More than 10,000 athletes have watched our DVD, attended a Talk, downloaded a Race Talk video, and read our Four Keys Information.

It all started with an article by Coach Rich on the flight home from Florida in 2007. Having just watched a few hundred athletes mess up yet another chance to be their personal best, he put his thoughts to paper and Endurance Nation has never looked back.

While most triathletes are mired in a mixture of pre-race expectations and overwhelming race day data, Endurance Nation athletes are focused on our Four Keys system to ensure their race stays on track. The Four Keys are:

  • Race day is about “execution, not fitness.”

  • Nothing matters until “the line” at Mile 18 on the run.

  • Race inside a “box” filled with only things within our control.

  • Have a “one thing” ready to motivate you to the finish line when your body throws in the towel.

Perfecting Your Taper

Putting together the perfect race is about more than just aerobars and disc wheels. The Four Keys strategy is only as helpful as the energy you have to actually execute the plan.  You need to be 100% mentally and physically ready to put out a serious effort. Your ability to put out this effort is determined first by how you train, and second by how you taper.

It’s no secret that nailing your taper will ensure that you have the chance to be your best. And yet every year triathletes mess up this critical phase by continuing to train out of ignorance and/or fear of the race itself.

The coaches refine our training plans every single year, based on the feedback and results of our athletes. As a result, our athletes have constant access to our best possible training guidance.  In addition to the plans, we have a comprehensive set of articles and other content to help you make the most of your taper. Topics include, but aren’t limited to: How To Taper with Intent, Nailing Your Ironman® Taper, The Ironman® Tweak, and Fatigue & FTP in Your Final Weeks.

Finally, you can talk directly to the Coaches and the other Members of the Team to find out what has / hasn’t worked for them…they will even help you plan your final few weeks to race day.

Know Your Race

It’s the dirty little secret of Ironman® and Half Iron racing success — the home field advantage.  It’s easy to do a web search to get an elevation profile of a bike or run course, but you won’t really appreciate the nuances of the race until you put your feet on the ground. Until recently, your only option was to travel to the race venue to do some training — but members of Team Endurance Nation have much more.

  • Race Reports & Data — With more than 1,000 finishes a year, Team Endurance Nation has a vast collection of race reports, podcasts, and photos to help you become intimately familiar with your upcoming event.

  • Recorded Pre-Race Talks & Coach Resources — Having travelled to every Ironman® in North America, many of them multiple times, the coaches have created a detailed set of race-related resources.

  • Race-Specific Training Camps — Every year Team Endurance Nation conducts training camps at select race venues. These three-day weekends, discounted heavily for members of the Team, are a great change to put your fitness into play on the course. Each day of training is backed up by Coach Lectures and Q&A sessions.

  • Race Weekend Support @ Key Events — With 25 to 75 athletes racing every Ironman, Team Endurance Nation has a presence at practically every significant triathlon event in the US. Team members enjoy pre-race Team dinners, our signature Four Keys race talk and multiple social activities.

What Does ALL of this Mean for You?

You can forget wasted races or missed opportunities. You’ll stop blowing up and focus instead on negative splitting. You’ll have a bulletproof, tested race plan ready to go weeks before the race. You will race like a veteran regardless of whether this is your first race or your fifth. Once you execute, you’ll never “just race” again!


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