Ultimate Rev3 Pocono Mtns Race Guide

Welcome to the official Endurance Nation Race Strategy page for Rev3 Pocono Mountains!  

Endurance Nation is the official Coaching Partner of Rev3Triathlon. In addition to creating race-specific content for the Rev3 series, EN is offering every athlete registered for a Rev3 event the option to create a free trial membership. Endurance Nation is officially #backinblue!

Our goal here is to get you 100% up to speed and ready to have your best ways possible. Every single race is unique, and Pocono Mountains is no exception. From the Delaware River swim, to a spectacularly scenic bike ride on closed roads (opened to authorized traffic only) in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to a mostly shaded run, you will leave with memories as strong as that burning feeling in your quads…guaranteed!

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Three Bullets on Rev3 Pocono Mountains

Don’t have time time to dive into a full review of the course? Then cover the most important highlights in this short video with Coach Rich from Endurance Nation.

Detailed Race Information

Equipment Recommendations [top]

A race in early August is nearly guaranteed to be warm and you can expect humidity. Our general guidance, for nearly every race, is to bring everything you think may need, even if you’re pretty sure you may not need it! In short, be prepared for any and all weather conditions. 

The Swim:  You will swim upriver, but shielded from the current by a bend in the river, before turning back and swimming with the current for the longer leg back to transition. As always, don’t forget your tinted goggles to deal with the sunlight as you navigate the course, especially since you’ll be swimming into the sun on the out / upriver leg of the swim course. 

The Bike: The Rev3 Poconos bike course is mostly an out and back in the Delaware Water Gap Natural Recreation Area on completely closed roads (opened to authorized vehicles only) featuring rolling hills and scenic views. Make sure you watch my video below where I discuss in detail our strategy for riding steady and conserving energy for the run on a rolling bike course. 

For gearing we nearly always recommend a compact crank (50/34) or “super compact” (52/36) if you’re a bit of a stronger rider on an 11 speed bike. Everyone should have at least a 25t cog on their cassette (for example, a 25-11 for stronger riders), with less strong riders always benefiting from a 28t or higher (for example, a 28-12 cassette).

In addition to managing the hills with your gears, you want to make sure that you have a good nutritional setup so you can eat and stay hydrated while navigating.  We strongly suggest that you get a front mounted Aero hydration bottle so that you can drink without taking your hands off the shifters / brakes.  If you don’t have one already, you should also consider getting a “bento”  or snack box to mount on your top tube to make your nutrition easily accessible.

The Run:  The Rev3 Poconos run course is a mostly flat double out and back affair, mostly on a shaded bike/running path. However, be prepared for hot temps on the run. Pro Tip: put all of your running admin stuff (hat, sunglasses, fuel, etc) in a ziplock bag and grab it and go as you run out T2, putting on that stuff as you run. Then carry that baggie with you, filling it with ice at every opportunity, and putting it under your hat, directly on your head, as you run. You’re welcome! There are plenty of aid stations, but if you use a custom formula then make sure you have the means of carrying it — check out www.fuelbelt.com. And don’t forget to include some additional salt in a pouch, canister or pocket in case your stomach starts to go south or you feel the onset of cramping.

Swim Course Breakdown  [top]

The Rev3 Pocono Mountains swim is very straightforward with a start from a boatramp: View the online map here

Key Points:

  • The first leg of the swim is the shortest, but upriver and a bit into the sun.
  • You’ll make two quick right turns before heading back to T1. Expect congestion at these turns.
  • Throughout the swim, only swim as fast as your ability to maintain good swimming form. If you feel your form begin to degrade, just slow down a tick and continue at a pace that allows you to maintain your best form.

Bike Course Breakdown [top]

The Rev3 Pocono Mountains bike course features rolling hills and scenic views. Be sure to watch my video below for a detailed discussions of 70.3 bike pacing, how to ride hills smartly, saving your legs for the run.

Key Points:

  • Everyone will be riding too hard in the first about 45 minutes. There also quite a few hills in this section so be smart and use our hill climbing guidance in the video. In short, make sure you’re doing the opposite of everyone else in this section and you’ll be off to a good, smart start.
  • Use the last few miles to take in any last minute nutrition, especially fluids, get your heart rate down, and find opportunities to stretch your calves and hips in preparation for the run.

Run Course Breakdown [top]

The highlight of Rev3 Pocono Mountains run, from a race execution standpoint, are the rolling hills in the final miles. In general, your overall focus for the day, on the swim, bike, and run, is to set yourself up for success in this final section. For 70.3 racing, we define that success as the ability to accelerate your pace and effort in the final 3-4 miles of the run. 

Key Points:

  • Use the first 3 miles to settle in, get your legs under you and transitioned from cycling to running.
  • For the next 7 miles, drop into your goal pace, heart rate and effort, with a goal of…
  • Picking up your effort in the last 3 miles to finish strong. In your training runs before the race, it would be helpful to rehearse the mind/body conversations you’ll be having on race day: “this is pain associated with running hard…and now, with only 3 miles left, I need to go harder and make it hurt more!” Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, as long as succeeding in this final 3-4 miles of the run have been your race execution focus all day long.
  • Keep your hands up, chin up, and run with purpose with an eye toward that finish line!

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Endurance Nation is the official Coaching Partner of Rev3Triathlon. In addition to creating race-specific content for the Rev3 series, EN is offering every athlete registered for a Rev3 event the option to create a free trial membership. Endurance Nation is officially #backinblue!