The Four Keys of Triathlon Training

In 2007 we created the Four Keys of Long Course Race Execution  — easy to follow guidance on how to execute your long course triathlon race by taking the guess work out of race execution.

Now, in celebration of our 10th anniversary, we present to you the Four Keys of Triathlon Training — four big picture principles to apply to your training journey. Whether you are a coached athlete or self coached, these Four Keys can meet you where you are in your training!

Endurance Nation Four Keys of Triathlon Training

#1: Work Works

Your body is lazy and will only adapt to produce the workload you ask of it. Revolutionize your training by focusing on the work performed, with intensity being the primary tool that age group triathletes should use to manage cumulative workload.

#2: The Box

In order to be healthfully sustainable, triathlon must fit within the Box that life gives you. Any discussion of what goes inside your Box, ie, how to train, must begin by defining the size of your box.

#3: Return on Investment (ROI)

Critically analyze your expected return on race day for every scarce resource you apply to triathlon training and racing: time, money, Mental Currency, and Spousal Approval Units. Can you achieve better results while spending fewer resources?

#4: Fun

The key to continual improvement is to adopt an endurance-based fitness lifestyle, through which you build a vehicle for doing Cool Stuff with Cool People!

Please watch the video below as Coach Rich Strauss explains the Four Keys of Triathlon Training in detail

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