Ten Years of Triathlon In One Download

The Smarter You Are, the Faster You'll Be!

Crossing the finish line feels incredible for all of thirty seconds.

As soon as you stop moving and catch your breath, that tiny voice in your head kicks in.

It analyzes your race. It critiques your training. It questions your preparation.

That tiny voice tells you exactly what you don’t want to hear.

You. Could. Have. Been. Faster.

That little voice has a point…but don’t take it personally.

After all, you can’t hit every workout. Your parents were only so tall and athletic. Your work / life balance couldn’t be more out of sync. What more can you do?

If the deck is stacked against you, you have two choices:
You can fight the system, or you can find a better system.

Over the last decade,Endurance Nation has built the world’s largest and fastest online community of endurance athletes. Our secret is less coaching…and more learning. We’ve built a training platform and coaching system built on best practices. The results are clear: when athletes become smarter, they train longer, race faster…and enjoy the sport more

The Finish LineTo celebrate our TENTH YEAR, we are releasing a compilation of our greatest educational resources in one single download. Perfect for newbies to veterans, this compilation has more than 200 pages of information on how to improve your training and racing.

The download includes:

  • A ReadMeFirst file to make sure you understand the files, with a coach video!
  • Heart Rate Training Redefined eBook
  • Swim Technique eBook (open in Adobe Reader to play videos)
  • Crossing the Line (Long Course Racing) eBook
  • PreRace Checklist PDF
  • Triathlon 2.0 – Building a Proper Season (open in Adobe Reader to play videos)
  • Running with Pace eBook
  • Bike Fit eBook
  • PreSeason eBook
  • The Endurance Nation OutSeason® eBook
  • Post Race Transition eBook

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Bonus Items:

In addition to our ebooks, you’ll also receive several follow up emails with additional coaching information. These emails include links to some of our most popular articles and other resources you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

You also have access to create a free trial to kick start your endurance journey, if you’re ready to take the next step.