Teammates Keep You Focused

Patrick Morton Goes Next Level with EN

Pat Morton at Leadville 100 MTB

Pat Morton at Leadville 100 MTB

Starting with Preparation for an IronMan

I wanted to maintain some of my run fitness while training for a 9 hour Mountain Bike Race because I was signed up for an IronMan later in the year. We used the Run Durability Training Plan Layered on top of The Mountain Bike Marathon plan. It kept my run frequency high without having to spend a lot of “Training Effort” on it.

Failure Doesn’t Mean Giving Up

I went into Leadville with a goal of going under 9 hours. I arrived at the race fresh with a ton of Fitness in the bank and an all-time high FTP. But, I was 10 pounds above my goal weight. I went all in riding the pace I needed to finish Sub 9hrs! Unfortunately, about 45 miles in, I started to cramp badly, and I pulled out of the race at the 60-mile checkpoint. 

Having a Team Keeps You Focused

I trained for and was focused on this race from the time I got my lottery slot in January till Aug 10th. Having the team with other racers that were doing the same training I was doing, helped me stay focused like I would never have been able to if I had been doing it on my own. Yes, the training plans are great and get you ready to race, but having the team is what EN brings to the table that you just can’t elsewhere!.

Staying Positive Moving Forward

Leadville 2019 didn’t work out the way I had wanted, but I had a great time training and getting ready for the race. I will be back and racing Leadville in 2020, but first, I’m going to take a “Run” at qualifying for the Boston Marathon using the Balanced Marathon Training Plan (which includes cycling).

2020 is going to be an Epic Year!

Team Registration Closes 04.10.22