Resilient Running via Consistency

An Endurance Nation Webinar


When: Available Online Now

Who: Head Coach Patrick McCrann

Why: Learn to fix injury, poor race performance, and taper issues through run consistency.

What: Receive a PDF template & a discounted invitation to join Endurance Nation.

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Training to race? 100% fine. Training like you are racing? Worst. Idea. Ever.

All runners make this mistake…and the newer you are to endurance running, the more likely you are to experience repeated running setbacks.

Athletes tend to blame their bodies for what goes wrong. Poor genetics. Bad diet. Inability to rest due to work / life / etc.

Blaming outcomes without considering the inputs won’t change anything.

Use the guidance that has helped hundreds of Endurance Nation athletes move on to the next phase of their running lifestyle – the Run Durability Protocol.

In this webinar, Coach Patrick will walk you through the thought process behind Run Durability. From race day performance back to early season runs, you will learn exactly how to establish a solid running platform that will cary you to a successful finish.

Other benefits of the Run Durability Program (RDP) include:

  • Increased Running Efficiency — The more you do it, the better you get at it. No two ways about it!
  • The Run Community — Something about focusing on one sport really brings people together. Besides, runners take way better pictures than swimmers or bikers!
  • StreakingYou read that right! You can build your run to the point where you can start stacking back-to-back days of running. We have folks in the Team all set to move in the second full year of a daily run streak!
  • Celebrating Consistency — Forget about the flash of speed or a PB time. Let’s start building some meaningful mileage!

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