Looking for the Works

Abbey Bonner Uses TeamEN to Go Next Level!

Abbey Bonner at Challenge Roth

Abbey crossing the line of her first full 140.6 distance event @ Challenge Roth.

Looking For The Works

I was looking to gain access to guidance on how to prepare for this, advice on race execution & access a reliable and robust training plan. In short, I was looking for a little bit of everything.

Finding What’s Needed At Endurance Nation

Endurance Nation provides a number of different training plans for the same event so I was able to choose and follow one based on my needs. As a Team Member, I also had access to a huge amount of guidance from other Team Members and Team Resources which helped me with all the other issues that “come up” while training for an Ironman event, such as coping with fatigue, injury, and family/training balance. How to approach nutrition, tapering and most importantly race execution.

Success On Raceday

I had an amazing experience. I was prepared for the race and had a clear plan. I didn’t have any disasters so I was able to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the day. The race and my performance exceeded my expectations.

Why Do I Recommend Endurance Nation?

You will get access to the extensive training resources and the ability to connect and be part of a team with like-minded people.

Team Registration Closes 04.10.22