Greetings from ENHQ!

The Coaches

Greetings TeamEN Athlete Taking a Break, aka Maintenance Mode!

While you enjoy your time away from the Team, we want to update you on the internal happenings, ensure you’re doing the right things to ensure you are setting yourself up correctly to rejoin the squad, whenever that may be.

TeamEN Happenings and Resources for Your Time Away

NEW: Endurance Nation Short Course Training Plans are FREE!

We’ve decided to make our newly updated 2017 Short Course 12 Week Training Flans FREE and open to the public, as an opportunity to help grow the sport by supporting short course athletes. We’ve very excited to give short course athletes a chance to train Endurance Nation style and we ask for your help and support.

Do you know a short course athlete who could benefit from a FREE, high quality training plan?

Please send them here to learn more and to gain access to their training plan today!

Race Preparation Phase is Approaching! 

Ironman Texas is this weekend, followed by Ironman Boulder in June. The Ironman Lake Placid and Canada crews begin the Race Preparation Phase of training in early May. Yep, it’s that time of year, when EN athletes transition from training to train to training to RACE!

It’s also the best time of the season to consider reactivating your membership, so you can come back on the squad and plug yourself back into the Endurance Nation race-specific training and execution goodness!

~ Coach Rich and Coach Patrick

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