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Rich and Patrick

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Endurance Nation is creating the largest online Team of self-coached endurance athletes in the world. We have created a top-notch coaching experience built on time-efficient training protocols designed to make our athletes smarter, fitter, and faster on race day without breaking the bank.

We’re not just coaches; We Are Teachers.

We measure our success by how well our athletes perform on race day. While others focus on workouts and training zones, the Endurance Nation Team Coaching System is designed to empower you to take charge of your own plan. Between the TeamEN Coaches and Members, there are over 800 different people with 800 different experiences and 800 sets of skills, all ready to help you with your triathlon training questions. Tapering, tire selection, time trial positioning…those are just a few of the 300+ different topics that are started EVERY DAY inside our forums.

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When you sign up for our weekly newsletter, you’ll gain instant access to the Endurance Nation Educational Series. It’s here that we roll out our best content, much of it from the Members-Only Archive, carefully curated by Coaches Rich and Patrick to help you improve. From training with power to racing with pace, from recovery protocols to the optimal warm up, we’ll send you real-world tested content for every single month of the year, all for free. We want to help you get started on the path to triathlon success.

You Have Nothing to Lose…And Speed to Gain!

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