The ENVEREST Challenge

Three Consecutive Virtual Events to Kickstart Your 2021

We Believe You Don’t Need Competitors To Challenge Your Limits

Join the adventure as we use key events as targets and motivation to build early season fitness. This is going to be some serious Type Two Fun, but organized in a way that you can participate and build from event to event. 

This is the ENVEREST Challenge, so you have to do things our way.  The events will push you (not break you). There are targets (but you have options).  The work is hard (but you won’t be alone). And we love challenges!

Like any good challenge, there’s plenty of cycling opportunities…but there’s also the chance to run, swim, row, hike, rollerblade, lift and more. If you can capture it on Strava, we’ll count it!

Trust us — we are experts at group online events! 


The Schedule of Events

🎉 Fun February “The 12-Hour Challenge” [2/15 to 2/21] 🎉

⏳ Mini March “One Big Day of Endurance” [Saturday 3/20] ⏳

💣 UltraMay “The Soul Crusher” [Friday 5/28 to Sunday 5/30] 💣

🛍 Sponsor Deals [Now Thru Sunday 5/30] 🛍

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How The Series Works

Each event in the series builds on the next. You can do one, two or all three.
Completing all three will get you into the ENVEREST Hall of Fame, but doing one still makes you pretty darn bada$$. 💪

There are different completion levels in each event. Athletes of all ability and fitness levels are welcome.
We’re here to challenge you to grow as an athlete, not destroy you. Done right, you will exit the first half of the season with the fitness and motivation to have a great year. 

The series is FREE. That’s right, you have zero excuse.
Zero barrier to entry other than your desire to break out of the everyday and build some new fitness.


ENVEREST Swag Option. Who doesn’t love swag?

We are pulling together some great swag and discounts as well. The cost for the Swag Option is $100 with a portion of proceeds going to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. You mush purchase the Swag Option by March 15th to be a part of the official process. Any purchases after March 15th will go directly to the charity.

We have extra Trucker Hats from BocoGear available for purchase. For $45 (hat+shipping in the US) you get an epic hat to represent and make a donation to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

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Read on for the events…rules are at the bottom and the FAQs even further down (you’re an athlete, you can do it!)


🎉 #1 Fun February “The 12-Hour Challenge” 

When: Anytime Monday 2/15 to Sunday 2/21

In the first event of the series, you will warm up the endurance engines with a 12-hour target. That’s right, half a day’s worth of work. This is an excellent opportunity for those of you targeting an early to mid-season event to add some strategic volume. 

There are three different levels of completion: 

  • Level 1: You have MON to SUN to train a total of 12 hours across all activities. 
  • Level 2: You have MON to SUN to train a total of 12 hours in a single discipline. 
  • Level 3: Twelve hours of training in two consecutive 6-hour days.


⏳ #2 Mini March “One Big Day of Endurance” 

When: Saturday 3/20

The second event continues the progression of work, consolidating all of the training that counts into a single day. This doesn’t mean you taper all week for the session, however. You do you, then do Mini March. 

This is perfect for Ironman® athletes contemplating a race rehearsal effort or anyone building towards a mid-season race! Consider this an early season Big Day training opportunity. 

Your combination of activities on the day — swim, bike, run, hike, elliptical, rollerblading, you get the idea — it all counts as long as it shows up in Strava. 

There are three different levels of completion, but all require you to hit your target within a 12-hour window: 

  • Level 1: Four hours total training. 
  • Level 2: Six hours total training.
  • Level 3: Ten hours total training.


💣 Event #3 UltraMay “The Soul Crusher” 

When: Friday 5/28 to Sunday 5/30

Perfect for those of you looking to “replace” an early season event…or build a great base for the rest of the season. Beware, the rules of this virtual event will challenge your mental and physical endurance. Strategery here is important!

Keeping with the tradition established in the inaugural event, participants have to complete one hour of exercise within every 4-hour window. For example there are six four-hour blocks in a day. This will require 6 x 1-hour training sessions. You have your choice of sports here just as long as you stay on schedule!

There are three different levels of completion based on the total duration you select, Regardless, each level requires participants to keep the “1 hour of work in every 4 hour window” routine. Your choice of sports as long as it shows up on Strava. 

The event will start between 8pm and 12am EDT on a Friday in May (TBD) and end between 4pm and 8pm EDT on Sunday. 

  • Level 1: 24 Hour Cycle, 6 hours of training. 
  • Level 2: 36 Hours, 9 hours of training.
  • Level 3: 48 Hours, 12 hours of training. 


Sponsor Deals

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The Rules

Athletes have to register to participate, instructions below.

Registered athletes will have access to an online community, group chat and Discord group to get organized and stay motivated. 

You are not obligated to complete all three events, nor do you have to stay at the same “level” for each event you participate in. 

Athletes will be required to join a private Strava group, where all activities for each challenge will be recorded for verification (no manual entry activities allowed without special permission). 

Photos are not required but encouraged.


Your Registration Options

Registration is FREE: If you’re just here to get motivated and connected, then what are you waiting for? You can register for FREE [point new folks to the TribeEN level?, team to a “Form”?] which gets you access to the group and all of the events from 2/1 through 5/31 — yes, four months!

Epic Swag Add On: $100 gets you some incredible swag, regardless of the event(s) you do or the level(s) you complete. A portion of all proceeds will go to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Click here to add the $100 Epic Swag option and represent! 

Please note, you can come back to add swag until March 15th. At that point the swag is closed…bonus that your donation will go right to an incredibly worthy charity! 

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