Endurance Nation’s Top Ten List

How TeamEN Beats All Other Coaching Options

Seven Day Trial Join NowWhile there is no one right way to coach, we are very proud of what our Team has build here over the last few years. So please forgive us as we highlight some of the components that we think put us head, shoulders and aerobars ahead of the competition.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons why Endurance Nation is better than almost every other coaching option on the market today.

Unmatched Experience.  With more than 2,500 members and training plan athletes coached since 2007, no one else has the information and data we do to improve how you train.

Training Return On Investment. A manageable schedule designed to build your fitness. No random workouts. No wasted time. There’s a purpose for every session, and we work with you to make that schedule fit into your personal life. For many experienced triathletes, training “EN Style” means cutting several hours of training time — a truly priceless gift. More time for family. More time for work. More time for the other 95% of your life that exists outside of our sport.

24/7 Support.  Post a question on a Sunday morning and have 10 to 15 qualified responses by noon. Rich and Patrick are online every day supporting the Team, but it’s the internal leadership and expertise that sets us apart from anyone else.

Full Time Coaches.  Ask anyone with a 1:1 coach and they’ll tell you how they had to choose between a coaching level that included one phone call a week and two emails a week, or to go with the more expensive “unlimited contact” version of coaching. Then let them tell you how it can take more than a full week to get an email response or a call back. Your coach isn’t “busy” — they aren’t prioritizing you. As most triathlon coaches work part-time, odds are they don’t have the bandwidth to give you what they promised. Endurance Nation doesn’t charge you more for time or attention; it’s one set price for everyone…how much support you want and need is contingent upon how much you are willing to learn!

Race Day Support.  Rich and Patrick started traveling to Ironman® events in 2004…and there were no other coaches doing it. Now, more than eight years later, little has changed — we just don’t see coaches helping their athletes when it matters most. While we won’t be going to every Ironman® in 2013, we’ll be at a few key ones looking to get over 100 members racing both Ironman® Wisconsin and Ironman® Lake Placid.

Online Team Challenges.  One of our biggest mantras as a Team is “Do Cool Stuff with Your Fitness.” To help faciliate this, we organize multiple online challenges each year to help our members have fun and get fit. From the December Holiday Run Challenge to the February 1K Swim TT, there are events all year to keep you connected and fit!

Race Execution Experts.  We literally wrote the book on what it means to race triathlon. For years athletes were showing up and just rolling the dice; thanks to our Four Keys of Execution, thousands of athletes are now racing smart and achieving personal bests. This methodology is built into our plans to ensure you are ready come race day!

Race Specific Camps.  Not only have Rich and Patrick raced almost every single Ironman® in North America, our members have raced everywhere across the globe. They have power files and race reports for you to read and even listen to in podcast format; information you can’t find anywhere else. But even better, we host camps for our two key races (Lake Placid and Wisconsin) where we walk you step-by-step through the course to prepare you to be your best.

A Learning-Based System.  There’s what you learn from reading a book, and then there’s what you see when you have over 1,000 Ironman® finishers every year. Not only do we capture this information, we actively use athlete input and feedback to improve our training plans. This happens once, sometimes twice a year, with our 2013 plans being the 10th version. Don’t ask your prospective 1:1 coach about how they’ll manage your time and fitness, ask them how they have improved their experience and knowledge over the last five years…and don’t be surprised by the answer!

FREE Trial with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  Most other coaches not only charge more, they expect you to pay several months in advance…and there’s no mention of getting your money back. That’s just not how EN operates — if you like us and it’s working for you, then you’ll stay. If not, we’ll refund you instantly and get you on your way. There is zero risk involved in trying Endurance Nation, and you can avoid living the all-to-common nightmare story we hear about local coaches taking money and not delivering on their promises.

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