Case Studies: Meet Jenn and Matt of Team EN

Here are two interviews with members of the Endurance Nation family. We asked both Jenn and Matt of them to share their personal triathlon stories — what brought them to the sport as well as how they feel Endurance Nation has helped them to achieve success.

Pay attention to what each of them feels is the “advantage” of the Endurance Nation experience. One of the great things about running such robust community means the resources & support available for athletes of all ability levels is unmatched anywhere else.

Jenn Edwards — The Beginner Perspective

“Joining Endurance Nation is the best decision I’ve made since I started the sport of triathlon.  The coolest thing about my membership is that it now helps me make every other triathlon decision with ease.  As I continue to learn I find again and again that the support in the forums from my team and coaches is invariably prompt and insightful.   The entire Team is upbeat and like minded while respecting unique goals and circumstances.   I feel like I found my tribe when I joined EN.”

Click here to read Jenn’s story.

Matt Ancona — Age Group Champion

The biggest success was having more time with my family on the weekends.  Having mostly 3-4 hour rides all year allows my to get up early and get back home early in the day.  My FTP went up about 70 watts in two years and I set PRs in every distance running race.  I also met my long term goal of qualifying for Kona.  In my second Ironman, I improved by over two hours and earned a Kona slot.

Click here to read Matt’s story.

Bonus — Athlete Race Reports

Outside of Return on Investment (ROI) for your training time and training dollar, we are recognized experts at teaching race execution to our members. Part of this process is capturing race reports in both written and audio form for the rest of the Team to learn from. Here are a few recent reports from the Team that will reveal more about how EN works to help you be your best:


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