Carl Alleyne

???? Next Level Relay Running ????

Carl Alleyne is FAST

Carl at the finish of the Speed Project Relay!

The Relay Runner

Sustaining Speed

Needing to Stay Fast for 48 Hours

How to sustain top speed throughout 20-22 5k intervals in about ~48 hour timeframe. Though Endurance Nation I could leverage the OS Run durability program and going on a 200+ day run streak.

Beating Records on Raceday

I actually ran my fastest and second fastest 5Ks (on the first and last intervals). The intervals in between I was able to hit the goals I set out. The exception being when it got really cold at night. I didn’t anticipate it getting that cold (40s).

Why Do I Love Endurance Nation?

The EN community of athletes is amazing. They inspired me to push past what I thought I could previously do but in a smart and strategic way. 

Team Registration Closes 04.10.22