Beginner to Master

Abby's Journey to Tri Success

Jenn Edwards On the Move

Jenn Acclimating to Race in Hawaii!

Starting From Scratch

Throughout my twenties and thirties, my husband and I played on two, sometimes three ice hockey teams at a time. We also dabbled in running, mountain biking, soccer, cross country skiing and all sports in between. Though I was active, somewhere along the way I looked in the mirror and saw a big girl in a skinny girl’s world. I stumbled into a beginner’s triathlon class in 2006 in hopes of gaining a figure that more accurately reflected my fitness level. 

Using the Endurance Nation Method

My biggest challenge was absorbing all of the valuable information available to the team. As someone with a penchant for all things scientific, I was eager to learn more about the metrics and how to use them and had to pace myself or face data overload. Luckily, there are podcasts to accompany each week of training so it was easy to take in a little bit each week. I now consider myself fairly well versed in most metrics. Data Geeks unite!

EN Since 2006 and Still Running

Suffice it to say I embraced the triathlon lifestyle!  By 2010, I was 80 pounds lighter, had just finished my first Ironman® Canada, and was hungry (pun intended) for more. Joining Endurance Nation is the best decision I’ve made since I started the sport of triathlon! The coolest thing about my membership is that it now helps me make every other triathlon decision with ease. As I continue to learn I find again and again that the support in the forums from my team and coaches is invariably prompt and insightful. The entire Team is upbeat and like minded while respecting unique goals and circumstances. I feel like I found my tribe when I joined EN.


2019 Update: Nine More Years

Endurance Nation has been there for all phases past, present and future of my athletic career.  The beauty of endurance sports is there is ALWAYS more to learn and ways to grow. Ohhhh… and age groups that keep the field somewhat level for those of us aging up!  Since joining in 2010, I made incremental improvements with the help of the team and started to find myself on the podium regularly. In 2016 I finally put it all together and qualified for Kona at Ironman Texas.  Racing Kona that year is definitely in my “top three” moments of my entire life. Not because I executed a personal best race, but because my entire family was there to celebrate with me. Truly #AnythingIsPossible!  Who knows what tomorrow will bring!  

Team Registration Closes 04.10.22