A Three Year Plan for Excellence

A PDF Blueprint for Macro-Level Planning & Triathlon Training

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Endurance Nation is unique in the triathlon space, not only because of our Team Coaching approach or our vast online community. What really separates EN is our mission to create an army of Self Coached Triathletes.

After years of one-on-one coaching, we realized that our most empowered, educated and independent clients were our most successful ones. In other words, just because you can write a check for $450 a month doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to be on the path to your personal best. The only thing you can count on for sure is spending $5400 a year on coaching for your hobby.

Thanks to our experience and our community, we have incredibly specific resources on everything from recovery to powermeters to equipment and much more. Together we are smarter than any one of us could ever be on our own.

Despite all this knowledge, however, we have been running into a problem.

Type A triathletes don’t just want to succeed, they want to be their best…and they want it now. Classic cart before the horse type stuff. Athletes buying the wrong equipment, signing up for the wrong races, just a host of bad decisions. As leaders and coaches of almost 650 triathletes, it’s our job to educate you to make better decisions on your own.

Enter the Endurance Nation Three Year Progression.

The following is the essence of the framework we’ll be unveiling to the Team in 2013 as a means of helping our members prioritize their mental, physical and financial resources. The Team version has significantly more detail than what you’ll see below; our goal here is to show you how we help our Members become their personal best.

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