2013 OutSeason® Training Plan Sale

 Every winter, EN helps thousands of triathletes transform their fitness. 

Training less than ever before, these athletes get stronger while leading more balanced lives.

Using this critical foundation, the majority continue on to have their best racing seasons ever.

The best part? Your training takes no more than six to eight hours/week.

The Cost? An unbeatable $199 — just $14 per week of training!


Matt Samojeden at Ironman® Louisville

Just Give Us Six to Eight Hours A Week…we’ll give you these results, proven across 1500+ athletes:

> Average 2:30 10k Improvement
> 4:47 Half Marathon Improvement
> 15% Functional Threshold Power Gains!

The OutSeason® program is critical to leverage the full impact of our groundbreaking Fast Before Far approach. This is the same methodology that thousands of age group triathletes just like YOU have used since 2007 to make massive fitness gains and improve their race day performance. Every year we update and release a new version of these plans, and the 2013 plans are the NINTH version!

Now This Same Breakthrough Methodology is Available in PDF Form


“When I joined EN in January my 5k pace was 11min/mile. Two months ago I tested for an 8:07 and yesterday was a 7:44 avg. Down 25 lbs too. EN-you rock my world!!”

The OutSeason® Overview

Watch the video below — OR — listen to a Coach Podcast with all the information you need to know about the OutSeason® and this special sale.


What You Can Expect From Your OutSeason® Training Plan

Simply the best training plans for your triathlon dollar. Our Fast Before Far methodology eliminates the daily grind of massive training hours in the dark, cold winter months. Leave those pointless marathon indoor bike sessions behind for the quality work that will make you faster…guaranteed!

Focused, Precise Training from Week to Week

There is no junk mileage inside Endurance Nation. Every session is pared down to it’s most essential element — the main set — leaving no doubt exactly what you goal is for each session. There’s even additional guidance for extending key workouts to maintain a basic level of endurance; after you do the “work” of training, of course!

Mixed Intensity Sessions To Speed Fitness Acquisition

The fastest way to a training plateau is to sit on the same type of intensity and duration from session to session. Our OutSeason® plan mixes Threshold and VO2 levels of intensity to facilitate continued progress across the full training cycle.

Ample Opportunities to Rest & Recover

Conventional triathlon training is all about volume and distance…the longer and more epic, the better. The only problem with this training paradigm? You…your job….your family…your other social interests / hobbies…your kids…all of it adds up to create additional stress and challenges on top of your training! This the stuff the PROs never have to deal with! In contrast, our OutSeason® training plans have two full days of rest a week allow for fitness consolidation and functional adaptation!

Additional Swim Guidance Available (if required)

We don’t recommend swimming in the OutSeason® due to the lifestyle cost (early AM workouts in the winter are very costly!) as well as the fact that it will compromise your overall ability to recovery from the harder bike and run sessions. However if swimming is high on your list, we include a supplemental swim workout resource for you to use if you so desire.

“I did the EN Outseason Plan from Jan-May, then have been using the Short Course Plan all season (mod’ing as necessary as I race a lot). So far the results speek for the plans – 8 races, 5 – 1st place age-group finishes, 3 – 3rd place age-group finishes. All bike splits in the top 5-10% overall, most races in the top 10% overall. All runs in the top 25% which is a major improvement for me.” — Marty Smith, CT


Endurance Nation Partners

What Is Endurance Nation?

Endurance Nation is built specifically for the age-group athlete. Our plans are designed for your reality — (1) every session has a purpose, (2) each workout is only as long as required to achieve our fitness objective, (3) longer workouts are posted to the weekends where you’ll have more time and flexibility.

Return on Investment (R.O.I.) is at the core of everything we do inside Endurance Nation.  As your coaches, you will entrust us to help you invest your training time and dollars — we earn that trust by giving you our latest and greatest advice, not by just making up training weeks filled with tons of volume.

Most importantly, you are 100% in control of your training. No more waiting to hear back from your high-dollar, part-time coach. No more training plans from magazines.

Our plans and resources are evaluated every single year by your peers–our Members–and we incorporate their feedback in our quest to be the best at what we do.

Want More Than Just A Plan?

Our Training Plan Athlete will each receive a limited opportunity to upgrade to Team Endurance Nation. You’ll get the  support of two world-renown triathlon coaches: Patrick McCrann & Rich Strauss, both online every day, almost 24/7, to answer your questions and make your training as personalized and effective as possible.

TeamENvsIMLP2011In 2011 alone, we had more than 1,000 finishes at the Ironman® and 70.3® distance events.

Endurance Nation | Red Star We have sold more than 2,500 training plans…

Endurance Nation | Red Star More than 2,000 athletes have been part of the Team…

Endurance Nation | Red Star We have distributed over 15,000 copies of our Four Keys DVD…

Endurance Nation | Red Star Our FREE Resources have been downloaded over 50,000 times…


“I have never been challenged more with workouts than I am now with EN. The best part of all is that I still have a life after training. Their program is geared toward real world working class people who also have a family. I am 7 weeks into my first EN OutSeason® plan and all I can say is it’s the hardest training I have ever done in 4 years of long course triathlon training. I was writing checks for a modest $125/month to a coach for 2.5 years and never felt as challenged (or fit) as I have with the EN OutSeason® plan.” — Scott Dinhofer, NY

Who are Coach Rich and Coach Patrick?

Coach Patrick MccrannRich Strauss and Patrick McCrann have been full-time triathlon coaches since 2001 and 2003 respectively. Specializing in long course triathlon, they have focused on training solutions for the average age-grouper and have coached hundreds of individual athletes to the Ironman® finish line. Both have qualified for Kona on multiple occasions.

Thousands more have used their high-quality training plans. Their prolific writing, combined with six to ten camps and clinics each year, have established Rich and Patrick as two of the top age-group triathlon coaches in the world.

Despite being from diverse backgrounds (Rich = Marine Corps, loves dogs, no kids; Patrick = Peace Corps, loves cats, two kids), they have combined to create the unique online community that is Endurance Nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anyone Train with Endurance Nation?

Of course! Our plans and resources are designed to help everyone be their best, whether you are in your first season or your fifteenth! Our community is split as 60% male, 40% female. 80% will do a 70.3® or longer event this year; the average experience level is two and a half years. Every year we have people just making the 17-hour Ironman® cutoff…all the way down to folks winning their age group and qualifying for Vegas or Kona.

Does Endurance Nation only offer Ironman® or 70.3® coaching?

No! Our athletes have been doing Sprint and Olympic distance events (and Xterra, and Duathlons, and Marathons…) for the better part of the last four years. We have offered minimal guidance on how to add these races to a larger schedule; now we are committed to generating complete training plan solutions for all your endurance racing needs.

I hear that EN is big on training with power. I don’t have a powermeter. Can I still use your training plans?

Yeah, we hear that a lot also :-) The intensities for all of our workouts are prescribed as power (or pace for the run), heart rate, and rate of perceived exertion (RPE). The workouts are exactly the same, you just reference the intensity according to what training tools you are using: power, GPS, a heart rate monitor, or the calibrated head. Short answer: yes, absolutely!

Where can I view a sample training week?

Each week is built from the perspective of maximizing your training time as an Age Group triathlete. While details, duration and intensity vary week-to-week between different plans, you can see a visual OutSeason® sample here. Please note our training plans are delivered in PDF format for you to print or store on your computer.

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept most major credit cards. At this time we only accept payments online so we will not be able to accept a P.O., invoice you, or take an order over the phone.

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