Testing VLaMax with Justin Wagner of ODZ

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UsingΒ the INSCYD Power Performance Decoder we are able to gain critical insights to your current fitness and physiology. Not only do we learn your true Functional Threshold Power and VO2 numbers, we are able to establish your VLaMax.Β 

VLaMaxWhat is VLaMax?Β 

VLamax stands for the maximum production rate of lactate in your muscles (V=flux, La= lactate, max= maximum). Because the amount of energy produced in the glycolysis is proportional to the amount of lactate produced, VLamax is a good way to measure glycolytic power (the power produced through glycolysis).

We use VLaMax as a marker to define your athlete type (sprinters have a high VLaMax, Ironman triathletes have a low VLaMax). Reconciling your test data and current VLaMax with your desired race targets will enable us to provide relevant training targets.

FatMax CarbMax INSCYDa

What Else Do I Learn?Β 

Your test data will also give us insight on your CarbMax (power at peak carbohydrate utilization) and FatMax (power at peak fat utilization), which we can use to improve your training outcomes.

With a deeper understanding of your physiological markers, you can target specific efforts and zones to maximize for efficiency (triathlon) or speed (cycling).Β 

We also can determine your Peak Recovery number, the effort at which you will most rapidly combust excess lactate in your system. We use this to improve training outcomes and provide critical targets for race performance.

PPD Test Snapshot

When to Test?Β Β 

If you’ve never tested with us before, we recommend you consider registering for the next session of Best Bike Camp. This four-week course includes a performance test and combines it with weekly courses to ensure you have a full grasp on all of the data points. Visit the Best Bike page to learn more.

Start of Your Season: A great way to make sure your training zones are dialed in and you make the right choices relative to your season goals.

Mid-Point of Your Season: Are you on track to reach your goals? With half the season done and half to go, now is the time to capture recent changes in your fitness and capitalize on them.

Pre-Race Preparation:Β  With 8 to 12 weeks until the big day, you can dial in your true race power numbers. You’ll also get insights on recovery targets and nutrition…all critical for a successful race.


  • Indoor Trainer and Zwift Account (familiarity with Zwift)

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“This gets away from “one size fits all” type of training. The training data/information you get is very educational, insightful, immediately useful, and specific to the individual. It’s great to know and understand the best type of training you need to get faster on the bike. Overall, this test will make you a smarter and faster triathlete.”Β  ~ Derrek Sanks

Coach Patrick in Kona

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