IMUSA Tri-Rally, Day 2: Epic Ride

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IMUSA Epic Ride '09, twas not to be this year, hopefully next!

For the last couple years of doing this camp, Rich and Patrick have perfected a route that takes campers down to the crazy scenic Lake Champlain area while still getting in 85% of the IMUSA loop. Rich was looking forward to taking some adventurous campers on an…adventure, but it was not to be. Mother Nature served up rain and wind for us early in the day.

Some did a loop of the course, beginning at 8am, and had 2008 flashbacks, with a cold, wet and windy descent into Keene, where it sorta improved for the remainder of the loop. Others waited for the weather to improve and went out at about 10am. Others swam, some ran, some swam, biked AND ran, then watched the World Cup match between the US and the UK.

About 30 campers assembled back at the Northwoods Inn  that evening to hear Rich’s Ironman® Training for the Self-Coached Athlete presentation. You can download and listen to the entire podcast, about 50′, here.

Please join us for our next Tri-Rally, on the Wisconsin course next month! Nearly 100 athletes have RSVP’ed!!


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