IMCDA'10 Race Report Podcast Series

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TeamEN had 24 athletes on the course last weekend. Many of them are eager to tell their stories and we present them here.

Al Truscott
61yo from Gig Harbor, WA. Al won his age group and broke his own course record at Coeur d’Alene this year. This on the heels of a similar AG winning, course record performance at IMAZ’09…which was on the heels of Kona ’09. This is Al’s third year of the CDA-Kona-AZ trifecta…seems to be working pretty well for him!

Rich and Al discuss his race and deliver some valuable, big picture guidance about the Coeur d’Alene swim and bike courses. Al also relates an interesting tactical decision on the run course. In the Haus we call Al the “Oracle of Coeur d’Alene.” You don’t want to miss his advice!

Reed Rinderknecht
40yo, Iowa. Reed missed qualifying for Kona at Coeur d’Alene by about four minutes. Rich and Reed discuss his race, specifically the mental requirements for peak performances that are applicable to all flavors of athletes — back, middle and front of the pack.

Aaron Linkow
39yo father of 3 girls, from Denver, CO. Coeur d’Alene’10 was Aaron’s first Ironman® and his performance is an excellent example of continuing to think, solve problems, and adjust goals throughout the day.

Dominic Malleo
Dominic is a 37yo father of 4 (including triplets!!) from New Jersey. This is his third season, and third race, with EN. He and Rich chat about his race while going into the details of the first 16 miles of each bike loop, and contrasting how EN athletes (well) vs how everyone else does it (seems to not be working so well).

Bryan Ogle
Bryan Ogle, 43yo, Agoura Hills, CA, recently transplanted from Couer d’Alene, ID, father of 3. Bryan is also the New Business Development Manager for KSwiss and has been a member of Endurance Nation for over 2yrs. Bryan experienced some challenges on the run and his race is an excellent example of always keeping your head in the game and trying to thing through, and solve, the problems the day presents to you.

Peter Carroll
Rich interviews Peter Carroll, 36yo, of Davis, CA. Coeur d’Alene’10 was Peter first Ironman…and SECOND triathlon! Rich and Peter discuss his race and his experiences as a first time Ironman® athlete within Endurance Nation

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