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Thirteen TeamEN athletes raced Canada last week. Below are their results, as well as a few race report excerpts and testimonials from our Race Report forum:

Chris Whyte — 10:09:37,  Kona

David Tall0 — 10:11:05

Tavis Yueng — 11:58:32

Wayne Young — 11:59:16

Graig Harris — 12:00:53

Barry Plaga — 12:20:53

Alessandro Commodari — 12:31:56

Dana Laytham-Herbert — 13:11:37

Carrie Sumida — 14:06:47 “I thought I would be satisfied with completing Ironman® #3 and retire from the distance, but this race, more than any other has taught me so many lessons and given me many reasons to try again and work on my mistakes.  It was my first IM under the tutelage of EN so I almost feel like the first 2 didn’t count.  The EN community is like no other and I’d like to express my appreciation for everything I’ve gained from all of you.”

Jackie Williams — 14:07:55

Paul Barker — 14:29:56

Lastly, we’d like to send special get-well wishes to an EN athlete who crashed on the bike and unfortunately was unable to finish the race.

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