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Ironman Arizona Run

With Ironman® Arizona right around the corner, it’s time for another endurance nation overview on execution. Many of you know of the Endurance Nation “Four Keys Of Race Execution” you may not fully know just how far were willing to go to make sure you have the best race possible. Case in point, our brand-new RaceRank™ and SufferLevel™ resources.

RaceRank™by Endurance Nation is our criteria for comparing races on different venues. Geography, weather, terrain… These all combine to make every venue unique. In order to help competitors balance their expectations, the RaceRank™ System by Endurance Nation compares different courses by giving a score to select criteria. the cumulative score for each event Then determines its overall ranking.

>> Click here to download the Arizona RaceRank™ PDF

SufferLevel™by Endurance Nation is our newest learning resource. we have a set of weather-related criteria, gathered from multiple sources, which we combine to create a detailed set of expectations for how the weather will affect your race. Like any predictive system, your experience with the numbers may vary.

However our intent with SufferLevel™ by Endurance Nation is to help you make sense of all the weather-related noise that your will be faced with during race week. Use the information contained in this document to adjust your expectations, pacing and nutrition plans accordingly.

>> Click here to download the Arizona SufferLevel™ PDF

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Good luck to all the competitors this weekend!


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