The OutSeason® Seminar

Are YOU ready to put FAST before FAR?

Here’s How We Can Help You Out – A FREE Virtual Seminar!

Every winter, TeamEN takes hundreds triathletes into the Pain Cave and transforms their fitness through focused, intense workouts for 6 to 8 hours/week. Training less than ever before, they get stronger, lead more balanced lives & still go on to have their best racing seasons ever.

Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann, Head Coaches and Founders of Endurance Nation, have created a five-part detailed email seminar to help you build your best possible fitness on the most time-efficient schedule in the multisport world.

Here’s What You Get:

Chapter 1: Work is SPEED Entering the Body — The coaches introduce the concept of work and outline how it rules the endurance world we live in.

Chapter 2: Self-Coached Athlete as Time Investment Manager — The coaches divulge years of “coach secrets” in order to empower you to make the best decisions regarding your training time and focus.

Chapter 3: Training with Power — The coaches teach you the fundamentals of training with power and explain why intervals rule the OutSeason.

Chapter 4: Training with Pace — Put the Heart Rate Monitor down for a second and consider how your muscles actually do the work of moving your body down the road…then use it to your advantage!

Chapter 5: Applying Your OutSeason® Fitness to Your Long Course Triathlon Season — The coaches outline how we transition someone from the intensely focused high-quality OutSeason® to being a regular triathlete during the season — only much faster!

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