Eliminate Bad Race Day Behavior with the Four Keys

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More than 10 years after creating the Four Keys of Race Execution — specific to Ironman® triathlon — we have launched a refresher course inside the community.

Who Needs this Course?

  • Ever found yourself just chasing other people on race day, despite your plan?
  • Ever review your race and realize that self-sabotage was what derailed your performance?
  • Have you experienced an awful taper week full of stressors and things out of your control?
  • Have you found yourself at the end of the race unable to do what you planned?

The Four Keys Can Help

As a macro level system, the Four Keys addresses the building blocks of what a proper race experience looks like.

Most athletes get lost in the weeds on race day. Heart rate numbers, power numbers, core body temperature, grams of sodium, you know the drill. These elements are important to know but not critical to master.

Without the framework of what a solid race looks like, details like data simple become problems not competitive advantages. 


The Refresher Racing Course Details

Built with distinct modules for each of the Four Keys, you will receive written and video advice. Both are succinct and provide clear directions on how to proceed.

You will move quickly from section to section. This will allow you to refresh what you already know, as a veteran of the Endurance Nation experience.

It will also introduce you to these critical concepts, as someone who is new to endurance racing.

The last module has a link to the full 90-minute video of our classic Ironman execution talk.

Gaining Access

This course is open to all members of Endurance Nation; you can gain access to the content like this for just $99 a year on our TribeEN membership. Use the code FOURKEYSCOURSE to save $20 on TribeEN – limited to the first 10 folks. You can get started here.

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