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You have just stumbled upon one of the best kept secrets in triathlon — a space where age group triathletes have flipped traditional endurance training on its head in pursuit of fitness and results without sacrificing their daily lives.

Here is a sample of some of our most popular blog posts so you can get a sense of where EN is coming from!

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Since 2007, Endurance Nation has helped thousands of every day triathletes achieve their endurance goals.  We leverage the knowledge and experience of hundreds of athletes each year to improve our training plans and grow our online resource library. The coaches travel to every Ironman® in North America to support our Team. The competition even knows to watch for the red EN Uniforms on race day so they can do the right thing!

Endurance Nation’s Four Keys of Race Execution (full two-hour video!)

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It could be your first winter training week with two days off. Maybe it’s permission to not swim three times a week for half your year. It could be the consistent results you start earning as you redefine the limits of your fitness. Then again, more time with your family and to do the stuff you love really hits home with everyone.

Across the last ten years we have heard many different reasons why people love Endurance Nation and how we train. The best part is our members are as diverse as the reasons themselves. From total newbies looking to lose that persistent baby weight to veterans at the front of the pack and hellbent on Kona, we are all connected by a common passion to be our best and share what we’ve learned along the way.

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The day Rich and Patrick launched Endurance Nation, we simultaneously fired all of our 1:1 coaching clients. That’s right, we showed over forty friends and clients the door…because we knew they wouldn’t make the cut!  After years of being spoon-fed information and instructions, we knew that these athletes had essentially unlearned how to be responsible, effective managers of their own training.

On that day we stopped being coaches and we started leading and educating. Everything we do in the Team is designed to inform and empower you to make your own decisions (with our input, of course!) as you know your body, your limits, your schedule and your potential better than anyone else.

Many of these educational resources are available to the general public. Simply visit Endurance Nation online and go to the Free Race Info section in the navigation to start your journey to becoming a faster triathlete!

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Of course, resources are only half of the story. Rich and Patrick are present in the EN Forums every day, answering questions, creating content and leading weekly Coach Chats where you can connect live to get your questions answered.

Members of Team EN have unlimited access to all of our Training Plans as well as more than 200 pages of resources, over 150 podcasts & videos, our training camps and much more.

Another bonus of a 650+ person Team is that we collectively have purchased every piece of equipment, done almost every race, and made almost every mistake in the book…all so you don’t have to!

And the best part is you can start today, at no cost, with a FREE 30-Day Trial Membership. After you sign up, Coach Rich will outline your Season Plan and Coach Patrick will call you to discuss your season and answer any questions. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to your best season yet!

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Not sure that you need the full online experience of Endurance Nation? You aren’t alone…every year over 500 athletes choose to go it alone with an online EN Training Plan. Rewritten every year to include athlete feedback and new improvements, EN Plans are considered to be the gold standard of triathlon.

Our plans have distinct ability levels, so Beginners and Kona-hopefuls alike can benefit from our Return on Investment, quality over quantity approach to training. From Ironman® to 70.3, from Sprint to Olympic…and even in the OutSeason…we have the right plan to make sure you will arrive at the starting line in peak condition. Visit the EN Store and find your plan today!