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October 5, 2020

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12:00 pm

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Ladies Only Best Bike
You + Your Bike = 🚀

This unique four-week course will help you unlock key areas for growth in your cycling fitness.

We fast track your development by combining two weekly workouts — mid-week intervals and a weekend endurance ride — with two weekly lessons and group learning opportunities.

Using the information & lessons in the camp, you will be able to chart a customized training approach for your entire season. 


Start Your Next Level, Today ⏳

Waiting until the final push to your race means you can only “sharpen” what you have.

Best Bike Camp will help you target the energy systems and training zones that will start the process towards a stronger, faster you.  

We will help you set incremental targets, by phase of your year, so that you show up ready to train at your peak for the last 12 weeks into your big race. 

Until now you’ve been using a compass to get fit on the bike, with the INSCYD Power Performance Decoder, Best Bike Camp will give you the “google maps” version of your fitness bringing you into the 21st century. 


Learn to Race Smarter 🧠

The knowledge you gain in Best Bike Camp will also teach you how to improve your race day execution.

With a deeper understanding of your physiological markers, you can target specific efforts and zones to maximize for efficiency (triathlon) or speed (cycling). 

Using our Peak Recovery guidance, you’ll even have a target for your “off time” on race day. This focus will keep you on target and staying fast!


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What: Join us online for camp and take your bike to the next level.

Next Camp: October 2020

Why: Access to new technology, personal coach insights on your training and group connection. 


Why do a Women Only Camp?

This is a chance to cut through the noise of a typical group training experience and focus on adding value to your training where it matters most. 

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our goal is to give room for women to engage the program and take ownership of their new data and workout options. 

Leave More is Better Behind

This isn’t a wholesale change – we’ll be able to identify the key areas where you can focus your training time for better results. 

Build a Community of Practice

Graduate from Best Bike Camp with a built in network of athletes who are walking the same path as you. Stay connected in our group chat area and through shared workouts and events in Zwift!



“The data alone was worth it. I feel I know myself better on the bike and more importantly, where I need to go to improve. I have also grown more relationships on the team which is always a plus.” ~ Scott Giljum

“I really liked looking at data other than FTP and Vo2 and gaining an understanding about how this data can be used to improve my bike. The camp has given me a plan to work with that I never would have developed on my own, and I am looking forward to seeing the results over the next few months.” ~ Brian Hagan

“I learned about my personal bike strengths and weaknesses, nutritional limiters for long course planning, and how to specifically use Zwift as a specific training tool.” ~ John Culberson

“This gets away from “one size fits all” type of training. The training data/information you get is very educational, insightful, immediately useful, and specific to the individual. It’s great to know and understand the best type of training you need to get faster on the bike. Overall, this camp will make you a smarter and faster triathlete.”  ~ Derrek Sanks

“The bike is my weakest of the 3 disciplines and adding VLAMax training principles to my arsenal will surely give me an edge on my competition as I’m constantly seeking the pointy end in races and those coveted podium spots! Coach Patrick & Matt demystify the science and create a fun & interactive experience where I pushed (and found) new limits to my fitness – and having some insider knowledge to be more competitive in Zwift racing is an added bonus.” ~ Ross Randolph


The BYBB Camp includes:

  • INSCYD Performance Testing on the Bike, and Analysis
  • Four Weekly Lessons with Homework
  • Four Group Rides for Discussion and Tactics
  • Personalized Workout Recommendations for Remainder of the Year.


  • Indoor Trainer and Zwift Account (familiarity with Zwift)
  • Discord App for Group Ride Conversations

Weekly Format:

  • Monday: Video Lesson & Homework
  • Tuesday: Camper Group Race/Ride in Zwift (on your own)
  • Wednesday: In-Depth Lesson and Discussion
  • Saturday: Camper Group Race/Ride in Zwift (on your own)
  • Personal CheckIn via Email

Camp Schedule 📺

Week 0: Welcome and Testing Review

  • Learn – Intro to testing and testing set up on Zwift.
  • Execute – Workout to complete in Zwift.
  • Submit – Turn in file(s) for processing and review.

Week 1: VLamax Review and Workouts

  • Learn – What is VLamax and where you “fit” on the scale.
  • Execute – Race with new “Peak Recovery” target.
  • Discuss – Group discussion of metrics and how to implement them in a standard training week.

Week 2: FatMax and CarbMax Review

  • Learn – Your metabolic profile for Fat Utilization and power at your Carbohydrate Max.
  • Execute – Complete a Lactate Shuttling Race session and a FatMax workout with optional low-glycogen state.
  • Discuss – Discuss zones, race performance, lessons learned, etc.

Week 3: Personalized Reporting

  • Learn – Discover your place on the Best Bike Quadrant and Tentative next steps.
  • Execute – Complete race with new execution tips, complete “back-to-back” VO2 and Endurance Ride days.
  • Discuss – Discuss personalized plans, review questions.

Week 4: Personalized Data Review & Training Recommendations

  • Learn – Best path forward relative to your training goals, as well as when to re-test.
  • Execute – Complete final Zwift climbing race with low-cadence (VLamax focus).
  • Discuss – Final Q & A, potential 1:1 time.

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Since 2007 we have been helping age group athletes achieve their endurance goals through coaching, community and education.  Led by Coach Patrick McCrann, 30-time Ironman finisher including 11 Kona Qualifications, TeamEN continues blaze a path forward for athletes in all disciplines from triathlon to ultra running to gravel cycling and unique enduro events.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with your Camp experience, we will refund your enrollment fee no questions asked.

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Event F.A.Q

What is this Performance Testing you speak of?

We will be using the INSCYD suite of software to conduct a field test, normally the test + follow up costs $250 alone.

How is INSCYD testing different than my current FTP test?

It gives us lab level accuracy to FTP, additional physiological insights, and can estimate future fitness gains.

What do you mean physiological insights?

We can show you the metabolic cost of “how” your body uses energy (combination of fat and carbohydrates), how fast your body will generate and clear lactate across all your power zones, and where your most efficient endurance zones (maximizing fat and carbohydrate).

Why are those physiological insights useful?

You get a more complete understanding of how your body works from an energy and power production standpoint.You can use these insights to identify key areas of growth for your cycling like: making race pace and fueling decisions, planning and executing super specific training intervals and training blocks.

What do you mean “estimate future fitness gains?”

The software can estimate FTP gains based on specific training (i.e. VO2max, Tempo, FTP, or Endurance rides).

What if I can’t attend a Group Discussion session?

They will be recorded and you can watch on your own time. You can submit questions via email as needed.

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  • October 5, 2020
    12:00 pm - November 1, 2020 - 12:00 pm
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