Build Your Best Bike – A Camp by Endurance Nation

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July 6, 2020

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9:00 am

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Virtual ,

Build Your Best Bike Camp

July 6th through August 9th


Over the course of five weeks, Coach Patrick will help you identify key areas for growth in your cycling. Starting with a new individualized performance test using INSCYD, the Camp will include individual lessons on how to put your cycling training into high gear.

You’ll get tips and hacks on how to use Zwift in new ways, race to your potential, maximize your recovery, and use your energy more efficiently during steady state & tempo zone rides.

Plus, you’ll finish with personalized training guidance for the remainder of the season. Consider this your “mid-season” power up for cycling!


What: Join us online for camp and take your bike to the next level.

When: July 6th to August 9th 2020

Why: Access to new technology, personal coach insights on your training and group connection. 

With so many events and training camps being cancelled, we decided to create an online experience to do more than just “stay on track” with your fitness. We are merging new functional testing with learning modules, workout “homework” and group discussions to help you get to the next level. 

The BYBB Camp includes:

  • INSCYD Performance Testing on the Bike, and Analysis
  • Five Weekly Lessons with Homework
  • Five Group Rides for Discussion and Tactics
  • Personalized Workout Recommendations for Remainder of the Year.


  • Indoor Trainer and Zwift Account (familiarity with Zwift)
  • Discord App for Group Ride Conversations

Weekly Format:

  • Instructional Video / Assignment
  • Group Recovery Ride (for Discussion) or Workout for Practice
  • Personal CheckIn via Email

Tentative Schedule 

📺 MONDAY JULY 6TH Kick Off Webinar for the Camp [Time TBD by Participants]

Week 1: Welcome and Testing

  • Learn – Intro to testing and testing set up on Zwift.
  • Execute – Workout to complete in Zwift.
  • Discuss – Group discussion of workout, lessons learned, desired outcomes.

Week 2: Four Types of Zwift Sessions (Recover, Race, Steady State & Tempo)

  • Learn – Zwift power set up, categories, finding the right ride, etc.
  • Execute – Complete a Zwift Race
  • Discuss – Group discussion of Zwift options and how to implement them in a standard training week.

Week 3: Zwift Racing

  • Learn – Intricacies of Zwift race from set up to start, to settling in, attacking and more.
  • Execute – Complete a race on the designated course before the group meet up. Submit Race link for review.
  • Discuss – Discuss race performance, lessons learned, etc.

Week 4: Zwift Set Up Hacks – Nutrition, Technology, Fans and More

  • Learn – How Coach P Maximizes Zwift (Set up, gear, technology, etc)
  • Execute – Submit picture of your Zwift set up and top three questions.
  • Discuss – Discuss setup hacks, review setups.

Week 5: Data Review & Recommendations

  • Learn – Key training sessions and targets. How to take your Zwift outside (bike computer data screens).
  • Execute – Update Zones and Training Screens.
  • Discuss – Final Q & A.

About Endurance NationCoach Patrick in Kona

Since 2007 we have been helping age group athletes achieve their endurance goals through coaching, community and education.  Led by Coach Patrick McCrann, 30-time Ironman finisher including 11 Kona Qualifications, TeamEN continues blaze a path forward for athletes in all disciplines from triathlon to ultra running to gravel cycling and unique enduro events.

“Current events have taken a significant personal toll on people across the globe, and athletes are no exception. Being active and fit is an expression of who we are, and finding a safe place to train and connect with our peers is very important. We are super excited to present this unique and personalized camp experience for athletes looking to improve their bike this season.”

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with your Camp experience, we will refund your enrollment fee no questions asked.

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Event F.A.Q

What is this Performance Testing you speak of?

We will be using the INSCYD suite of software to conduct a field test, normally the test + follow up costs $225 alone.

How is INSCYD testing different than my current FTP test?

It gives us lab level accuracy to FTP, additional physiological insights, and can estimate future fitness gains.

What do you mean physiological insights?

We can show you the metabolic cost of “how” your body uses energy (combination of fat and carbohydrates), how fast your body will generate and clear lactate across all your power zones, and where your most efficient endurance zones (maximizing fat and carbohydrate).

Why are those physiological insights useful?

You get a more complete understanding of how your body works from an energy and power production standpoint.You can use these insights to identify key areas of growth for your cycling like: making race pace and fueling decisions, planning and executing super specific training intervals and training blocks.

What do you mean “estimate future fitness gains?”

The software can estimate FTP gains based on specific training (i.e. VO2max, Tempo, FTP, or Endurance rides).

What if I can’t attend a Group Discussion session?

They will be recorded and you can watch on your own time. You can submit questions via email as needed.

Can I choose either East or West coast session?

Sure, it’s really only for the meet up times.

Event Location:

Total Seat: 40 (29 Left)

Event Schedule Details

  • July 6, 2020
    9:00 am - August 9, 2020 - 12:00 pm
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